Monday, November 22, 2010

Temps were in the 60's this weekend....awesome!

What a great weekend!  Temps were in the 60's and it did not rain.  Woo hoo!  Some of the mud dried out enough to play around and get a few things done.  Brian was hunting up north, so I was flying solo again this weekend, which I enjoy once in a while.

This is the first year we have had our winter hay in one organized spot.  I got to worrying about another horribly bad winter, so I talked Brian into ordering 1 more months worth...that should be delivered soon.  Yay!

 In a previous post I mentioned the Bale Buddy.  We got the XL size because the rounds we get vary quite a bit.  Here it is partly eaten down - very little waste around the bottom.

We have had some rain and it got pretty muddy in the pen area, but they are still eating out of the Bale Buddy and there is almost no waste at all.  If the round would have been out here without the Buddy, it would have been strewn all over the place and stomped into the mud.
I was not sure how I felt about them having to eat out of the top, but if I pull it down the edges a little bit, there is no problem for them to get to it.  I was also worried about it getting wet, etc., and it did not get icky at all.  So far so good.....last night we dumped the extra and put in a new bale because rain is in the forecast.

 It was another perfect day for hoof trimming....Mr. Sonic Boom was one of my victims and he thought I did not mean he took off running.  This is not normal - usually there is no problem catching him.  It was very windy and he was feeling it!

 He stops to snort and Chase is right by him.  Now Boom doesn't put up with any guff from the llama, so why the llama thought he had the upper hoof, I will never know.  He kept making faces at Boom and acting like he was going to spit on him.

Then Chase walked around him....I walked back up to Boom and had my arms around his neck to halter him up then WHAM!  That darn llama body slammed him on the other side, knocking Boom into me!  ACK!  Boom tried not to hit me, but failed....I bounced back.....

  Then away they go!  I got the shot too quick, darn it!  Give it about another second or two and Boom will pop Chase right in the chest!  It was quite a THUD!  OUCH!!!!

 But Boom wasn't done yet, he took another couple of laps after the llama!  The llama thought he was safe under the canopy....wrong.  Hee hee!   Everyone finally settled down...

Boom headed over to the Hoof Jack to check it out....

 Here is Boom looking innocent.....hey says "Look into my eyes....because you are a girl and you love my eyes....."

 Batman got his pedicure the day before, so he thought he would help teach the others the ropes.  He is holding the lead line just like I did with him.  :-)

Then when he tugged on it, Boom dropped his head!  I thought this was so is nice to know that even Batman can ask Boom to drop his head and he will.  

This is the only picture I got of Batman helping with Wyoming.  We did Wyoming first and it was pretty uneventful other than this......

 Tripp with a slight reflection on the pond....

Tripp and I hamming it up....

Tripp thought he looked better than I did in this shot.  He is right!  :-)

It was a fun day, we got a lot done...but nothing inside the house!  HA!  No will be there later, right? 

Gotta great ready for work now....

Until later....Karen and Tripp who is glad he doesn't have to go to work.  He likes being a kept fellow!  ;-)

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