Monday, February 27, 2012

Beginning of the last weekend of February...

GUINEAS:  "Oh oh, he is going to get in trouble!"

PIMP DADDY:   "The whippersnapper can't stay out of trouble!"

JESTER, ZJAX AND AJAX:  "We should warn him that he is going to be in trouble.  Nawwww, let's just stand back and watch! HEE HAW SNORT!"

BATMAN:  "If I hurry and give a little butt nip to Nakita before anybody see's me, nobody will be the wiser!"

ACE, TRIPP AND WENDIGO:  "We can see youuuuu!!!!"

AJAX AND ZJAX:  "HA HA HAAAA!!!!  He doesn't know he got caught!  HEE HAW SNORT!!!!"

BATMAN:  "Nipped the dog now gotta RUN!!!  Woo hoo!!!!"
TANDEE:  "That boy..."

BATMAN:  "WOO HOO!!!  Got Grandma Tandee and my brother Wyoming in on the fun!  Me and Wyoming are mustangs!"

BATMAN:  "YIPPEE!  Look how fast Grandma Tandee is!  Okay, I let Grandma run in the front sometimes.  It makes her feel good to beat me in the 'race'.  I am so lucky to have such a great Grandma!"

BATMAN:  "My Grandma is an Arabian and is 30 yrs old!  Or is it 31?  That seems really old when you are almost 3.  She can still trot real pretty!  I am proud of my Grandma Tandee!  It was hard for me to decide if I wanted to be an Arabian when I grow up or a mustang...I figured I could pull off the mustang better than the Arabian.  My tail just won't cooperate and I can't arch my neck like she can."

BATMAN:  "Time to rest...we did a lot of running and playing today!  It is warming up and I love the sunshine!  Look how my family is taking care of me.  ME ME ME!  It is all about ME!"  :-)

TANDEE:  "Sometimes it is just nice to slow down and smell the roses..."

BATMAN:  "Isn't this a great picture?  I think I am going to have Mom frame it and hang it outside for all of us to look at and admire!"

TRIPP:  "Well hellooooo there!"


 JOKER AND ACE:  "Who?  Us?  No, it was Batman!"

EPONA, ACE AND TRIPP:  "Slurpppp slurrrrppppp slurrrppppp.....!"

ACE:  "I don't slurp...I sip.  SLLLURRRPPPPP!  HA!"

WYOMING:  "It was a fun day.  There is nothing like watching over my family before the sun sets.  Life is good!"

SHADOW:  "Hi, I am the shadow and I think this says it all..."

Until later....Karen and Tripp who thinks Batman is an attention hog!


Michelle said...

How many horses do you have now? They look great.

Karen C. said...

We have too many! :-) We have 13 horses...that is if we count Batman as a 'whole' horse. Then there are the 3 burros and the llama. I would love to downsize - a lot! But I just can't let go. Especially if I don't know where they are going. I really did try... :-)