Monday, February 27, 2012

Just some February stuff....

February this year is is brown.  We have not had much of a winter to speak of, not that I am complaining, but I sure do miss the snow.  I decided that I did so well last winter because the snow makes everything bright and cheery for a while.  Then when it melts, it is back to normal February.  Here are a few pics of the month....

Harriet the parrot.  Yes she talks, and most of the time we can't understand her.  She has this big long conversation with herself that sounds very important and we listen intently trying to figure out if we really know what she said, or if we are making stuff up.  I think it is a little of both.  Funny on morning Hemi the dog went after the cats and Harriett said "Noooooo" in the long drawn out way she does, and Hemi stopped in his tracks!  It was hilarious!  So I have a helper in Harriet.  She has a friend, a parakeet, named Ben.  Will have to get a picture of him sometime. 

When I go out to fill water tanks, Wyoming things he has to help.  He likes to call it 'help', I call it nosing for a treat!  :-)

As hard as I try to get home from work with enough daylight to do something, it just isn't going to happen yet.  So there were a few nice evenings that I was trying to get pictures in the dark.  I had a lot of nosey horses this evening wondering if they could get in on the action.

Tripp and Ace.

This one really cracks me is Tripp in the dark.  He is like that silly llama who is also black.  He can sneak up on me and I don't even know it until he either breathes down my neck, or I turn around and run into him.   

Meet the new barn cat that I just discovered a few nights ago.  It was fighting with Thomas.  This thing is almost as big as Thomas, so it is close to a 20 pounder!  Very pretty, not friendly, which is exactly how I want a stray barn cat.  Move in, eat mice, be happy!  :-) 

When I first looked at this picture, I was looking at Ajax's eyes and how cute they were, then admiring his whiskers.  Then I noticed Chase in the background...

Batman and Wyoming hanging out with me after dark.

Brown = Mud.  Ugh!  But just because I don't like the mud doesn't mean everybody doesn't like the mud.  I have some horses who stay clean all the time....then there is Wyoming!  He LOVES to be muddy.  I know it has to feel good on his skin - he gets itchies in the Spring - but it is still funny how muddy he can get.

Wyoming sporting his mud masque (most of it was already rubbed off before I thought about getting the face shot).

Thomas is pondering the snow....

We have the clear corrugated stuff on the barn door, which I love because it lets in the light.  In the evenings when I have the light on, they peek in at me.  Batman and Wyoming get to come in after Tandee is done eating her Sr. feed.  They are the clean up crew.  :-)
Pros on this stuff:  Lets light in.
Cons on this stuff: If they paw, it breaks.

"Are you sure I can't come in yet????"

Wyoming feeling very distinguished....

Chase wants to know how he can look distinguished....

Doublemint Twins...

"Please get the snow off my perch!"

"I am not feeling very cute right now.  Never isn't possible for me NOT to be cute!"

"Yep, getting cuter...I knew it!"

Brian and Hemi hanging out.  Hemi follows him all over the place.

This is Thomas and his 'Talk Show' pose....
"And then I did this...."

"Then all of a sudden she did that....."

"And I finally said 'Down girl! Give it a break!'"

We are all trying to make the best of February this year.  When the sun shines it really helps!  We still have the potential to get one good snow this year, but only time will tell....

Until later....Karen and Tripp who thinks Talk Show Cats are show offs.

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