Monday, February 27, 2012

The last weekend day of February...perfect day for a ride!

We try to put together a to-do list every weekend.  Doesn't matter if it is a big job or a small long as something is on it.  Brian told me that one of the things on our to-do list was for me to take a ride!  Yay!  I love when that gets put on the list!  I also love that he knows when I need it.  :-)

The dogs are helping us get ready to go.

When we got to the parking lot, there was another truck/trailer there, and at the back area of the parking lot where people camp there were two horses tied up and an older couple laying in the grass.  They had a lunch area set was very sweet!  That is what I hope Brian and I are like when we get older.  :-)  Actually now works for me, but it doesn't work for his schedule.

I was so proud of Tripp!  Their horses were dancing around and calling out like crazy!  One of them sounded like he was losing his best friend.  Tripp gave a couple of his cute little wuss whinnies then didn't say another word.  He would look over to watch them, but that was it.

I walked him down the trail a ways before getting on.

Once I found a mounting log, I hopped on and away we went.  I decided to take the longer trail towards the shooting range.

Unfortunately we didn't last that long.   Once we got to the rocky part (which really isn't that rocky) he was getting very ouchy.  I gave him a trim Friday night and have never ever EVER made him sore, but he sure was sore this time!  I was in a panic because I feel like I hurt my boy!  It really did break my heart and I was sick about it!  I got off and walked him back...good day for a walk and I sure didn't want him to hurt any more than he was.  I tried to keep him on the leaf covered edge of the trail.  As much as I enjoyed the short ride and the walk back, I was trying to figure out what went wrong. 

Here is Tripp giving his "I am a rock star!" look!  I asked if he was giving me the 'Whip My Hair' show and he let me know that he is a REAL rocker, not a Willow rocker!  Then he spit on the ground at my feet!  I apologized....while laughing!  HA HAAA!!!

I let him pick his path on the way back, and sometimes he would get back on the trail, so that was a positive.

I love his pretty and soft...

Then of course, for the last weekend day of February, our self portrait!

The dry trails really clean out the hooves.  I checked my trims and they seemed fine...but he is real thrushy. Thrush is enough to make them we are working on getting that under control and will try another ride again soon.

I made it back home in 1 1/2 hrs and Brian was worried something was wrong.  He didn't expect me for 4-5 hrs...I was not happy because I didn't get to ride longer, and poor Tripp was hurting.  He can trot on the soft ground at home that is good!  :-)  We will get him back to normal real quick!

So while Brian was cleaning the mud off the barn lot, I trimmed Batman and Wyoming, then worked with them both.  So the day was not a bust - it just got a 'new frame' like Brian likes to say.

I have to say...I sure do love Tripp!  He is the most awesome horse!  I heard they were rounding up more mustangs off the range he came from.  I would adopt another one from there in a New York minute if the gate wasn't closed!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who was happy to get out of the house even tho it was a short trip.  Get it?  Short TRIP?  ;-)

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