Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hemi is an official country dog!

Every time I look at Hemi I think of the Iams commercial...."Hi, I am an Iams dog, and I am beautiful!" 

Hemi really likes his chew toy.  Since he can't see well we have to be real careful when playing with him.  He will jump for it not knowing if he is at the rope or our hands.  Then we let him win....I meant to say then he wins and chews on the plastic handle a while.  :-)

ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz......mucho fun with the rope....need a nap!

We are not in Virginia any more!  Check out this snow!  Woo hoo! 


After a nice romp in the snow, I get snuggled up in my warm blanket on my new girls lap...then guess who peeks her head around!?  Yep, Cocoa the kitty, who really doesn't like me.  She runs and I just can't help myself....I chase her!  She has pretty good hiding places, and I try to make her think I can get in them!  SNORT SNORT!  She really isn't too bad of a kitty...I will let her stay.  I just hope she doesn't quit running like Thomas did.  That just is not any fun at all!  Snort!

 Misty is my girlfriend, and she is sharing her bone with me.  Okay, I took it!  :-)  But don't think for a minute I am one of those kinds of guys!  She could take it back if she really wanted to!  SNORT!

 Apparently she doesn't want to....

LOOK!  Misty is singing me a song!  

A song of LUV!!!!!!

 And here is when things change.  He started out a suave and debonair gentleman....and now he is eating horse poop!

(Hemi is a little green around the gills) 
Ooooohhhhhh, I think I have a belly ache...I ate too many apples.  Think I will be sick.  I can't believe Batman told me it was okay to eat those things.  He said "Sure Hemi, they are safe.  You love apples for treats, right?  Well, these are apples too!  These are road apples!"


 Okay, just took eating a few more to get used to it.  Life is good in Hemi Land!

Think I will cruise up and down the aisles....never know what can be found in places like this.

After a couple of days being a country dog, it is time to clean up!  

Hemi had a great weekend!  Even tho he can't see well he gets around great.  He does bump into things at times, but once he knows they are there, he is careful.  He is a snort monster when he breathes, and he is always sniff/snorting around.

He will sleep good tonite!  :-)

Until later...Karen and Tripp who is almost insulted that his girl likes to kiss Hemi on the face! 

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