Saturday, April 7, 2012

March way to end the month...with another ride...

I went out early that morning so that I could be home and help 'work' around the place that afternoon.  Just seemed wrong me having all this fun and Brian at home with his kids taking care of a few things.  Hee hee!  Okay, not THAT wrong....but it sounded good!  :-)

Brian had a great make the same loop I did the other evening but do it the opposite direction, and keep an eye on the GPS to make sure I don't lose my connection.  That is what I did and to be annoys the daylights out of me to have to babysit an electronic gadget on the trail, but at the same time I am interested in this GPS stuff.  There were times when I did not have connection, but it did not error out.  Today's trip was 7.43 miles and my max speed was....are you ready for this?  It was 96.19 mph!  HA HA!!!  Now we know that isn't right, but an average speed of 2.98 mph does sound closer to being right.  Average moving speed shows 10.59 mph.  My moving time was 42:05 but total time was 2:29.  I moved the majority of the time so I don't know what all these numbers mean....and I did a lot of trotting.  I have tried to find info on this an all I found was complaints.  :-)  Complaints explain a few things, but it doesn't solve as I get time I will hunt for information that is helpful.

Seeing as it was a Saturday morning, I am surprised I did not see any other riders.  Just Tripp and I most of the way. 

It is getting a little more green....this is my favorite spot with the rocks.  Hard to tell by the picture...and now that I look at it, it looks just like other pictures I have posted!  Ha ha!

Big dead tree branch to the right...must be very scary because he eye-balled it as we went by, then let out his breath.

Dead tree in the middle of the others...if this area gets burned too, I have a feeling it will go.

The trail behind me....

We were going up this hill and Tripp stopped and was on alert.  I would ask him to move and he would move one step.  I knew something was there but didn't know what....until I saw a bright flash of color thru the timber.  It was a big guy on a big mountain bike!  Yikes!  The trail was not very wide where I was so I played it safe and jumped off!  The guy did slow down and Tripp danced a jig for him.  I was wishing the guy would have paused just a second so Tripp could sniff the bike, but no luck...the guy was enjoying his ride and away he went.  (I wish I would have clicked the picture as I saw the guy!)

 After the cyclist went by we rounded the corner and here was a tent with a line of laundry hanging between it and the truck.  I don't know if it was Mr. Cyclist or mushroom hunters....either way, I like that people come out to enjoy the place.

Home of a critter....

"Are you sure you want me to go down that hill?  Haven't we done this already?"

"Okay, my ears are up and can take ANOTHER picture of me looking at the woods.  People will love it and say 'Oh look more woods with cute ears in the way.'"  (Snort Whiney Snort!)

In between the last picture and this one, we saw two hikers on the trail with a very large dog!  It was bigger than Batman and barked a lot....very excited about seeing Tripp.  I stayed on for this one.  I knew Tripp would be nervous but he knows dogs.  He handled it well and the people were not very friendly....then I got to thinking they were probably saying "She is one of THEM who lets her horse poop on the trail!"  Ha ha!  Well, if they would have asked, they would have known that Tripp didn't poop until the last few minutes before we got back to the truck!  Hmpf!  :-)  After we passed the hikers, we saw a truck on the trail which was odd.  Got closer and it was a Conservation truck....hmmmmm....been seeing them more than normal lately.

We moseyed along then I heard the truck coming, so we found a nice spot and waited for him to go by.

And there he goes....

The last couple of times we have ridden the road back to the truck/trailer, but this time we rode the skinny trail.  I think he gets a little jiggy here because it never fails....there is always something in the brush that has to make extra noise and it scares him.  Well, today was a good day for a away we went.  Got a couple snorts and side steps out of him, but nothing too crazy.

Today he earned his grass treat!  He did great, his energy was up the whole ride, we made it thru the Haunted Forest without any stopping or fights to the shortcut (we trotted thru it to keep his mind occupied elsewhere), the sounds of the morning critters was is good!

As he is eating I decided to play with the timer on the camera.  I forgot my little tripod and I couldn't find anything sturdy to set it on, so I set it on the ground.  Nice clear shot of the grass....nice blurry shot of Tripp and I after I hurried over to him for a picture.  I tried a couple of times and when I got over to him he would move his head the other way.

When we got back to the house, Chase the llama had to check on him to make sure all was well.  Tripp foreign smells, so Chase said he can stay.

Tandee also checked for any 'foreign smells'....we all know that means she was checking for the smells of another chick on his muzzle!  Ha ha!  I changed the subject when Batman asked what 'foreign smells' means.  :-)

Nothing like muzzles....

It was a fantastic ride and I wish I had another horse ready to take out, because I would have doubled back.  I felt great and my knees didn't hurt too bad at all.  It was a very fun ride....we even cantered a few times without any butt hops!  Woo hoo!!!!  Oh wait, that was the last ride.  This one we tried, but he just wasn't interested in cantering and I was not interested in making him. 

Until later....Karen and Tripp who knows he is the hottie of the trail!  Even if nobody else knows it!  ;-)

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