Saturday, April 7, 2012

Misc Pics

Again, these are pictures I posted on Facebook...but am also updating the blog. 

After I got back from my ride on March 31st, I put Tripp back with the group and brought Tandee out to munch on some grass.  We found Hemi hanging out in the trailer.  Normally he rolls in a pile of horse manure...but he decided it is much easier to hang out in the trailer surrounded by the good stuff!  Ha!

Batman velvety soft.

 Dandelion flower...I never knew it had the curly cue thingys on it until I looked at the picture close up.  

Brian hanging out with Hemi and Nakita

Hemi wanted a self portrait with me, and who am I to refuse?  :-D

Hemi looking cute!

Hemi looking cute and serious at the same time.  He says not all bulldogs can master this look.

Tandee says that not all bulldogs can master this look either!  ;-)

I call these wild violets....don't know what everyone else calls them.

Spring is springing and horses are shedding, flowers are blooming and we are all getting outside more.  Love it!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who is still bragging about being the hottie of the trail!

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