Saturday, June 30, 2012

Finally got on Romeo...

June was going to be the month of Red (a.k.a. Romeo).  As it would turn out, I had an opportunity for some overtime at work so I jumped on that, then we just got busy around here.  So I have been doing a little bit of ground work with Romeo here and there...nothing as consistent as I was planning.

One day a couple of weeks ago I decided I was going to get on Romeo.  I went out to do a bit of ground work with him and he was full of it!  He was RUNNING his circles, jumping in the air and twisting around....just having a good ol' time!  I decided I would not get on that day...we would just play a while.  :-)

Fast forward to last week and I decided it was time again.  He is a pretty layed back horse and it was hot.  Good combination!  Even tho he is short my physique makes it a challenge to get on him bareback.  That is where the trusty stump comes in to play!  He just stood there....wishing I would hurry up and do it.

 Alley Oop!  I am on!  We did a few flexes and just stood there.  Now let me tell you, for a short fat flat backed horse he is not easy to sit on!  Not what I was expecting at all.  We did walk around a bit and I had a hard time getting comfortable, and if I am not comfortable he can't be either.  Hmmm....maybe I am used to my narrow mustangs?

We still had a fun time and I have been making a point to work with him almost every night, even if it is just a few minutes.  He is learning that he is not a lap horse.  He is so friendly, will leave the hay bale to be with you, but he wants to stand right on ya.  It isn't a bad thing and he isn't shoving me out of the way...he just likes to be very close.  We are working on him standing over there and me standing over here.  :-)  He doesn't think that is a very fun game.  Hee hee!

Will have more updates as we continue our lessons...his and mine both!  ;-)

Until later...Karen and Tripp who is keeping an eye on this new interloper who is taking too much of Mom's time!

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