Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tennessee Safari Park, Alamo, TN

Last weekend we headed to Henderson, TN to take a hoof trimming class.  It was how to use an angle grinder.  I love leaving early in the morning because you never know what you might see along the way....

Such as the Tennessee Safari Park!  We were driving down the road and I saw some camels, ostriches and this big sign!  We decided to turn around to check it out.

The park is a drive thru and walk thru.  The pictures will be out of order...but you get the idea.  They have a lot of room for the critters that live in the drive thru part of the park.  The only rule is NOT to get out of your vehicle.  Other than that, you can keep your windows open and feed the critters.  Yep, we had to buy some buckets of feed!  :-)

There were several llamas out there, and adults and babies both had already been shaved for summer.

I loved the hair style of this one.  It was very unique....and I like unique.  :-)

The babies knew that the vehicles were full of goodies!

Some of the llamas were hanging out in the shade...not at all tempted by the goodies.  The baby on the right is already getting good groceries and probably doesn't know we are there. 

I got to feed two baby llamas.

There were several exotics in the park too.

There were a few of these things....'boxes' built out of timber.  There were small deer inside.  What a neat idea for critter houses.

This little deer was so pretty!  His antlers almost don't look real...they look like carved wood.

The buffalo and longhorn were not interested in playing with the humans.

The emus were the most funny....just something about watching them walk at the car....and I still don't know if it was the same few that hurried over the hillside to meet you at another curve in the road.

They do not hesitate to stick their heads in the car to get the food.  They are very aggressive and messy eaters!


In the walk thru area was Gerry the giraffe!  He was allowed to have carrots as treats.  I love his barn!  He has a very tall door and on the inside he has a hay rack that is about 15 foot in the air!  I tried to get a picture but it did not turn out.  Durn it!

When Gerry was not getting carrots, he would go into the barn to munch on hay.

He was so cute!  He would put his head over the railing and stick his black tongue held out the carrot stick and his tongue would wrap around it to pull it in his mouth.

Another one of my favorites is the ostrich.  I still think I would like to raise them but I don't think I would be able to let them go....

The ostrich was a much more gentle eater than the emus.

Close up of his feathers.

The feet of the ostrich are deadly....literally.  I am glad this was a happy ostrich.

Another creative house for critters.  There are pigs in the 'cave'.

This is one of two pigs we saw running around the place.

Water buffalo and I think an elk enjoying the mud hole.

This is the first thing we saw when getting to the driveway of the park!  Awwwww......Mom, baby and Daddy.

The two babies were playing as we were leaving.

This is the last thing we saw at the end of the drive-thru part of the park.  And I was excited!  This is Daddy Camel.  He was gentle when eating out of your hand.

Mom Camel and Baby Camel get some treats too...Mom is eating out of my bucket while baby gets some out of my hand.  I really gotta get me a camel!

Mom seemed to get the raw end of the deal most of the she just pushed baby right out of the way!

Here was a pretty little bridge that I thought would make a great obstacle for the horses.  Pretty and functional!

There was an older cabin with a lot of antique items around and inside it. 

When looking in one of the windows....this is what you saw!  Yikes!

We got a kick out of this sign.  Usually there is a date date on this one!

This is the house that goes with the sign.  There were peacocks all over the place.

We really did have a great time!  I usually get sad at places like this, but there was a lot of room for the animals to roam.  The only ones I am not sure about are the camels and the giraffe....I do hope they have a bigger area to move around once the tourists leave.

Until later...Karen and Tripp who does not think I need a camel!

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