Sunday, September 2, 2012

Brian threatened to take this picture to my chiro...

Aw man, you all know how it is!  You get a favorite pair of something, anything, and you don't give it up until you absolutely have to.  The toes of these have holes, but water doesn't leak in the bottom so what is the problem? 

Oh, look at those shapely wear patterns on the heels!  Brian threatened to take this picture to my chiro if I did not retire them.  Brian didn't understand why I still wore them - I have other boots to replace these.  Well yes I do!  But I didn't want to get them dirty!  Plus these are more comfy.  :-)

I took the threat to heart and have not worn them since...I am going to turn them into flower pots!  :-)

Until later...Karen and Tripp who can finally take me out in public without being embarrassed by my boots. 

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Michelle said...

HAHAHA! I've had boots just like those.