Sunday, September 2, 2012

Little bit of this and that...

I LOVE BATS!!!!  They are so fascinating...even when they are outside of the entrance door at a hospital.  Brian's Mom was in the hospital and we went up to visit (ended up taking her home!  Yay!) and when we walked out, Brian noticed this cute little thing at the top of the wall.  You can tell how small it is comparing it to the wasp nest next to it.

I was out feeding and watering and Brian hollers at me...and hollers again.  Of course me being me is thinking "I AM COMING ALREADY!  (insert mumble mumble here about how there better be bone showing!  GEESH!" 
I come around the corner and this is what I see!  HA HA!  This is great!!!  This is Rico, and he has the conformation of a well, I really don't know.  Sometimes he looks like a giraffe because his head is always so high, other times he just looks like something I can't explain.  But it doesn't matter...just because he doesn't have the perfect conformation others would like doesn't mean he won't make a nice little trail horse.  Plus, he lives here so nobody else should care. 
We think part of it is because his Mom was sick when Rico was a foal, so he had a rough start.  It took him a while to mature...he is a love bug!  A very pushy in your space love bug.  :-)

Brian was having fun jumping all over him.  One of these days I won't be surprised if I don't come around the corner and see Brian up on him!

This is an evening of storm clouds that went right by us.  Areas around us got some rain....but not us.  It sure was pretty tho, and I am always glad to hear someone got the rain.  :-)

Red, a.k.a. Romeo, is waiting outside of the door for Tandee to be done.  He is one of the 'Equine Hoover' critters we have around here.  Whatever Tandee doesn't clean up in the barn, he gets.  And if there is enough I take some to the rest of the bunch so they all get a nibble of the good stuff.

 Views like this touch the soul...

ME:  Awwww, they love me!
THEM: Treats?

It has been a dry, hot, long summer, but a good one.  Brian and I always have something to do around the place and don't seem to get very much done - but we love our life! 

Until later....Karen and Tripp who loves our life too!

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