Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hay Hauling Day in the Field...

Brian and I have a hay field with his Dad...well, the field is his Dad's but we are in on the hay part of it.  We were not sure what we would get off it, but it needed to be cut...we went up one day to cut/bale/haul.  We got about half the amount we usually get, but it was enough to get his Dad almost set for winter hay for his horses.  We already have hay ordered in our area (2 hrs away from his Dad's place) so we will be okay...altho I will feel much better once it is ALL delivered and in the storage lot. is an account of our day, in no particular order. 

Brian's Dad was backing the baler into the shed.

Check out the sky and was such a beautiful day!  Oh wait!  Who is that handsome man stacking hay?  

 Hemi and I walked around the perimeter and thought this was a neat view.  Brian and Madison are at the trailer to the left and Brian's Dad is on the tractor on the right.

Brian and Madison at the trailer waiting for bales.

Brian and Madison...

There was not much room on the trailer for Madison and I, so we watched them go around the field baling and stacking.

Funny faces from funny people...

I like this picture...what a pretty day!

Another shot of a pretty day!  It was so peaceful out there.

Scary girl getting ready for a horror movie ....

"What?  You want me to WALK?  Will I have to walk far?"

Okay, I will suck it up and walk...let's follow the tractor as it rakes hay.  Hmpf!  Why can't I ride up on top with that guy?

Oh my gosh, we finally made it around!  I see the hay trailer up ahead!  Whew....that is a long ways!

Finally!  My shade spot under the truck!  I think I will rest.

No thank you, no more walks for now.  I am still resting.  Please get my water bottle... (and of course I did because when Hemi says "Jump!" I ask "How high?"  Ha ha!)

"Can you see me?  I bet you can't because my eyes are closed!"

Brian's Dad...

Another picture of Brian and Madison...

National Swing a Bale Hook like a Pirate Day!  Aye Matey!

Moment of laughter.....

Madison on hay trailer before we got kicked off.  :-)

Self portrait!

Daddy Long Legs....

Brian and Madison...

The End....of a great day!

We had a fun day and the weather was gorgeous!  Like most areas right now, we need some rain...but it could have been a lot worse.  At least we got some hay put up.

Hang in there everyone...we are getting closer to Fall and hopefully we will get some Fall rains.

Until later...Karen and Tripp who thinks we should have brought a couple of bales back with us as a treat!

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