Sunday, September 2, 2012

I am lucky...I have horses...

I have loved horses since I was a little kid!  I remember when I was little, some girl my parents knew had this big bay Arabian who was a firecracker!  He was awesome!  She was selling him and I still remember the night the girl let me ride him bareback.  I rode down the dirt road, towards a lot where someone was working and they had a dumpster out there.  The other side of that, the dirt road split into a Y and went up a hill to the left, and up a hill to the right.  I was headed to the right.  We rode by the dumpster and cats jumped out of it.  Sultan spooked and I held on!  Whew!  That was scary!  Then we headed to the road that went up the hill and he TOOK OFF!  Oh my gosh, what a rush!  I was so happy riding that big bay horse named Sultan!  We came back to the house and Mom and the girl were freaking out - was I okay?  YES!  I WAS SO HAPPY!  She said she forgot to tell me to stay away from the hill because he always runs up them.  I am glad she didn't remember to tell me...
It was also a sad day...I was the oldest of a bunch of kids, and Mom and Dad needed something that we all could 'play' with.  We got a freaking piano instead!  Ha ha!
They were right...I was the only one who would have benefited from having a horse like that.  :-)

Since then I have taken a lot of hard knocks along with a lot of great times.  I have never lost the passion of horses, even when I went thru my scaredy cat stuff after taking a few hard hits off Boom.  The passion was still there...I still pictured myself riding....I just had work to do to turn into that little kid I once was.  I am not that little kid who was fearless and never worried about hitting the ground.  I am much more cautious, but I still have that little kid passion and picture myself riding fast in my head!  :-)

I am lucky...I still have horses in my life.....

I ride almost every day, even if it is just for a few minutes.  There were a lot of summer days like that this year.  I just wanted to get on, so I would mosey around a while, then go cool off.

Brian caught me and Tripp riding the other night...

I always thank Tripp for a great ride and also for not so great rides...whether it was long or short...I am always grateful he let's me get on his back.   I am always grateful he trusts me enough to go the places we go.

This is a repeat picture from a previous post...but it is one of my most joyful moments.  When I can sit out there and they come to explore.  Treat or no treat, they always hang out with me.

Tripp is curious with that weird thing Brian is holding... 
Tripp is very social, and we have one other that will be like him.  That is Joker, the mustang Brian got when we brought Tripp home.  Joker is very social and is just plain funny.

Tripp always has smooches for me...and I love it!  He lets me blow lightly into his nostrils and sometimes he will make faces, while other time he doesn't move at all...

Here is another one I have been hanging out with.  Wyoming.  I will need to do an entry about Wyoming and the journey he took from the moment we picked him up to now.  Anyways, Wyoming was ready for me to start riding him again - it was me who was not ready for a while.  :-)
Once I started, I have kept up with it, and like Tripp, it might be for a few minutes here and there....but it is still almost every night.

Red is another one I ride a few minutes here and there.  As I write this I feel bubbly inside....I have 3 horses that I don't think twice about getting on!   A few nights I also rode Nevada, so there were some nights I got to ride 4 horses!  Wow!  How cool is that?

Red and Wyoming get along pretty good.  Red is the dominant one, but he is not at all mean.  He is just the leader with this group.  Horses understand this better than people do.  When I get on Wy, Red has been tagging along.  :-)  He is another very social boy and loves to be close. 

I still have a little phobia about leaning back and touching rumps...that is what freaked Boom out and I have not completely gotten over that yet.  But lookie here....I am touching Wy's rump!  :-)
I make a point of doing this every single time I ride, no matter who I am is the only way I will get better and more comfortable and it is good for them too.

 Batman wanted a picture with us....SMILE!
See Tandee thru the barn door?  She was nickering letting me know she was done eating, and she was not happy that she had to wait. 

Yep, I am lucky...I have horses....

The weather seems to be changing a bit and we have cooler days mixed in with the hot ones.  That will make it easier to stay out longer to do what I need to do with each of them.  We are also going into shorter days - ACK!  Don't like that at all!  It is all good tho...because I have horses.  :-)

Until later...Karen and Tripp who says he is lucky because he has his own girl.


Michelle said...

Love this post! I am a lucky girl as well.

Karen C. said...

Michelle, your 'Thank you...' post inspired me. :-)