Sunday, January 27, 2013

End of January and in the mid 40's? Yay!

It was a bit chilly Saturday morning but I knew it would warm up, so I waited to go ride until 3:00.  I got out of the parking lot at 3:30 and was gone a couple of hours.  We went the same route we went last time....if you remember, last time the GPS clocked 6.1 miles because there were two spots that quit recording my track.  This time the GPS recorded the entire route and I clocked 7.7 miles.  I really don't know how accurate these things are.  I need to talk Brian out of his phone one day and have both of our phones recording to see what we come up with.

Anyways...most of the fishing lake has a light layer of ice, and there was a split in the clouds that was reflecting blue on the water and ice.  The whole vision was beautiful...

TRIPP:  "Yep, it is purdy, can we go now?"

My favorite part of the trail is this little valley with the creek and outcropping of large rocks.  There is moss growing everywhere, even in the winter, and it just feels different down here.  There is a layer of ice on the creek, and you can watch the air bubbles through it as the water is weaving it's way to a new destination...

TRIPP:  "Girl, you are not going to make me walk on that are you?  Nothing good can come from walking on ice."

GIRL:  "No Tripp, no ice for us.  We will just enjoy the beauty from here.  Thank you for looking out for me."

TRIPP:  "I was looking out for me, but ummmm, okay.  You are welcome. (wink wink)."

 TRIPP:  "I am going to make a prediction.  My prediction is that the girl is going to make a big deal about the sun coming through the trees at the end of this trail and the little black box she carries with her will come flying out of her pocket.  And watch how I egg her on.  Nicker snort snort!"

TRIPP:  ("You must insert a little bit of dramatic effect for this to work...I will show you...") 
"DOH!   Girl, look at the sun shining through the trees, and the purdy clouds.  Isn't this the stuff you tell me that God paints?"

GIRL:  "Yes Tripp, you are getting it!  I call it a 'one of a kind piece of art from God.'  Everyone can see a piece of his art if they just look; and every piece will be unique."

TRIPP:  ("whispering... Forgive me God, because I am making fun of the girl, but in a good way.  I might not understand everything she does, but she is good people.")
"Yes girl, I see it!  You should get out the little black....oh, you already have!  What a surprise! Snort nicker nicker snort!"

TRIPP:  "I look pretty good if I say so myself!  And I do have to admit, it really is purdy.  I am glad the girl slows down to notice these things....but I am ready to run now."

TRIPP:  "The sun is is going to get dark soon....we better hurry!"

And hurry we did!  Lots of trotting and cantering.  Tripp even stepped his canter up a gear and I would call it a free hand gallop!  Woo hoo!  Once he realized he could do it I think he enjoyed himself.  He took off on the 'kiss cue' the first time the next time I asked, then we transitioned down to a walk instead of a trot.  He did good.

After our ride...I set the timer and put the camera on the truck.  It took a few times to get it right because a 10 second timer is a life time for a wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, built like a (Tripp!  We get the idea!  Now off the keyboard so I can finish...thank you!"  Anyways, the mustang who thinks his name should be Hunk today thinks 10 seconds is a long time.  :-)

When we got home I let him loose, and he did what most horses do....he rolled!  And he was even more happy being dirty.  :-)

TRIPP:  "Look girl!  I got dirt on my face!  Nicker snort nicker..."

A full moon...what a beautiful way to end the evening. 

Our ride today was great!  There was nobody else on the trail but there were a lot of tracks.  Last time I was out much earlier and I met a lot of people riding, so they probably got their rides in early.

Another observation when I was looking at the tracks.  Horses wearing shoes very rarely showed the imprint of their frog in the muddy saw the perfect shoe imprint, and nothing on the inside of it.  The barefoot horses showed a print of the entire underneath of the hoof.  So the barefoot hoof was making contact with the ground - which is good.   

Until later....Karen and Tripp who is going to practice his speed and endurance because he is feeling empowered!  :-) 


HHmstead said...

What a Beautiful Ride story! The photos were gorgeous! Almost felt like I was riding along side~

Karen C. said...

Thank you! I just checked out your blog and love it! :-)