Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday...23 degrees when I left the house...

It is Sunday morning, 23 degrees, and the sun is not out yet.  In spite of my experience with my bibs last weekend, I knew I was going to have to find a way to wear them.  That was the only way my legs would stay warm.  As tempted as I was to wear my insulated boots with the rubber grippy soles, I decided not to just in case Tripp decided to lay down again.  I wore my regular boots knowing my feet would get cold quickly....I do have the toe warmers to put in them, but the warmers we have work better if I am actually walking around, so I decided to save them for another day.

What I did was take each elastic shoulder strap to the bibs and brought them around my waist, then hooked them up to their plastic clasp.  I did that to each one, so it would fit more like a belt, and the bibs could be worn more like a pair of pants over my jeans.  It worked great!

After I got strapped up, I checked my camera and cell phone case to make sure each one was easy access.  The camera is attached to a lanyard I wear around my neck, then I slide the camera in my hoodie pocket.  I needed to make a small adjustment with the elastic waist band for the camera.  To get access to my cell phone I had to unsnap and unzip the side pocket.  I wanted easy access so I could check the GPS along the trail to make sure it was still recording.  I am in business!

TRIPP:  "Girl, didn't we ride far enough yesterday?  I am tired and so are you.  I just don't want you wearing yourself out because you are my favorite Girl.  Wink wink..."

GIRL:  "Tripp, thank you for looking out for me.  I love you for that!  But this morning will be the perfect time to be out.  Just you and I and is good!"

TRIPP:  "I do have to admit it is purdy when the sun comes out.  But it sure is not any warmer."

TRIPP:  "Watch this.....while Girl is checking to see how the bibs work out when nature calls, I will touch my nose to this stick and when Girl looks over, I will chomp off the end!"

GIRL:  Thinking to herself while watching Tripp out of the corner of her eye...."I wonder how long he is going to keep his nose on that stick....he is not twitching!"


TRIPP:  "PTOOEY!  Sticks are not all that yummy!"

TRIPP:  "I meant to say, Mmmm, stick.  Can't get enough of them.....cough cough..."

The view at the lake that you all have seen many times...I would love to ride down below but they don't have trails down there.  Maybe someday. 

Parts of the lake are lightly frozen over, and here was a black hole in the ice...

The sun came out and it is so warm....okay, the sun gives the illusion of warmth.  But not for my toes.

TRIPP:  "YES!  Almost done with this ride!  Cross the road...hit the other trail...then we are there!  Whinny snort whinny woo hoo!"

TRIPP:  "Girl, haven't you taken enough pictures of the shadows?  Can we please go now?  AAARRRGGGHHHHHH, so close but yet so far because she keeps stoppingggggg...."

GIRL:  "Tripp, that was a little dramatic, don't you think?"

TRIPP:  "Finally!  Less than 1/4 mile away and I will get unsaddled, brushed, a massage, and Girl will take me across the road so I can eat grass for a while.  She loves me!"

When we got home Tandee came to say hello before Tripp went back to his herd.  She did not even make faces or squeal at him.

TANDEE:  "Mmmmmmmmmm, he smells so good!"

CHASE:  "Did someone say he smells good?  He smells like a horse to me!  What is so great about smelling like a horse?  I don't get it..."

This morning we had a nice ride.  Tripp was tired from yesterday so we just moseyed...  We didn't see anybody else on the trail so there was nothing but the sound of Tripp's hooves and nature at it's finest.  On our way home I saw two bald eagles flying slow circles above us...they were beautiful!
It is days like this that remind me that God loves us.

Until later....Karen and Tripp who got to see all kinds of fun stuff this weekend but is ready for a break...

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