Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rockbridge Memorial State Park in June, 2014...

Rockbridge Memorial State Park south of Columbia, MO has so much to see, hear, is a beautiful place so close to town but far enough to make you feel like there is nothing but God's country around you.  They are always having educational events.  I have been to 'Bat Night' a couple of times.  One time was perfect, and the other time people brought their little kids who made all kinds of noise so not very many bats came out of the cave and flew around us, and those of us who where there to enjoy the peacefulness of the night couldn't even do that because of kids stomping their feet and talking in their playground voices.  They warn about that in the description of the class....little kids have a short attention span.....leave them at home for something like this!  I don't blame the kids...I blame the parents for thinking that this was a good place to 'teach' them to be quiet after a very detailed description and warning why you should not bring them.  They do have events that are perfect for little kids so it isn't like they are left out.

On a perfect night, after the class under the pavilion, everyone hikes up to the wooden platform above the cave opening....then you wait for it to get dark.  As the bats start coming out of the cave you shine your flashlight up and try to hold it as still as possible.  The bats will actually feed on the bugs that hang out in your light.  On a perfect night you will literally see hundreds of them flying around!  I love bats so this was beyond awesome!

Anyways, on this day I was heading to Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center for volunteer training and I had time to burn.  I have not been out in here in a long time so I thought I would burn my hour by walking around.

This is one of the walk ways through the early part of the park.  It will give you a work out!

The opening to Devils Icebox.
They give canoeing trips through part of the cave system.  Actually you canoe through part of it and hike part of it.  I heard that part of what you canoe is a spot so tight you have to duck down in the canoe and you push yourself along on the ceiling.  I have not done that yet but hope to before I get too old and decrepit.  :-)

What is a trip to Devils Icebox without a self portrait to prove to me I was there?  :-)

I am above the Natural Rock Bridge and there are people inside.  My arrow points to their feet.  I am trying to figure out how I did that arrow thing....I needed that for a picture I took yesterday. Hmmmm.....

The walk way to the rock bridge.  It is very pretty down here.

This place is south of where I live, so I don't go that much.  It really is a gem in our community and many people go out there to enjoy nature.  We are blessed to be so close to something like this.

Until later...Karen and Tripp who isn't so sure about riding in a canoe through a cave...

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