Sunday, January 18, 2015

More of June....Garden and Freaky Friday Color Run....

It is June and I am still not riding.  It isn't because I don't want to, it is because I still have no strength in the left hand after the wrist break.  I can't hook up the trailer or throw a saddle on (very well).  So I am hanging out at home, enjoying the summer, trying to let the muscles/tendons/ligaments heal more.

The past few years have worked out this way:  I leave town for storm duty for work and Brian plants the garden.  I come home to the garden already planted and we always find surprises growing throughout.  He was pretty excited about this onion.  We thought we lost them all.

Hemi says hello!

Ooooohhhhh, this is Tandee.  We made the decision to say good-bye later in the year.  I sure do miss her!

Thomas loves being a farm cat.

Brian tells me that there are hundreds of volunteer sunflowers in the garden and I think "Yeah right, there might be a lot, but I doubt there are hundreds.  Ummmm, he was not joking!  Then I didn't want to thin them out to see what they would do.  As fun and awesome as they were, this year we will thin them out.  They canopied the cucumbers and part of the bell peppers.  Oops.  :-)
I do want to thank Brian for indulging me and letting the sunflowers grow.  Love you baby!

Wyoming watching the stormy sky...

We lost all of our hives except one, so this year we put in one more.  So far so good....
It is warm out and they are starting to 'beard' on the front.  I am excited for this Spring to see how they fared the winter.

Lots of bees flying around....a good sign.

The hives at the edge of the garden area.  We don't worry about them being so close when we are out there.

Laramie giving us one of his priceless smiles.  We sure do love this dog!

This is what happens when I have Brian hold my phone.  He takes silly photos....and I post them on the blog!  Isn't he purdy?  HA HA HAAAA!!!!!!

Our barnyard zoo....we really should have a day where people bring their kids to come hang out with the critters.

"Kids you say?  They can bring food treats for the privilege of being in my presence."

It has been a dry year so far.....we got quite a rain storm come through and the horses enjoyed it from under the canopy.

A turkey hen and some chicken hens were staying dry.

The turkeys were sticking close to the pen wall....they were trying to stay dry from the overhang.

We had a Freaky Friday Color Run at work, so Brian, his daughter Madison and I decided to do it. Madison ran part of the 5K and Brian and I walked it.  Sometimes slow and sometimes fast.

Brian and Madison burning the pavement.

There were color stations and people threw colored powder on us.  I saw this footprint at one of the stations.

Madison and I taking time for a self portrait.


The first part of June was very nice.
Until later....Karen and Tripp who is enjoying his break from 5K's for him!

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