Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th - Pick up of EMM horses

Bob (bay) and Tripp (black) getting ready for their slumber party.

Our pick up day has finally got here! Woo hoo! Judy and I met at Quik-Trip at 3:30 a.m. to head to Ewing, IL to pick up our EMM horses.

I met Judy thru the Yahoo Groups. She had a horse ride lined up for the pick up and it didn't work out. I offered my little stock trailer thinking I had not been picked for the EMM. It was my way of being a part of it, in addition to being a spectator at the event again this year. (Went last year and it was AWESOME!!!) Judy invited me to go along for the ride and I was as excited as I could be!
The next morning I checked my e-mail and Darlene was looking at the trainers list - MY NAME WAS ON THE LIST! There was a mix up with e-mail addresses. Holy moly, now I was going along for the ride with Judy to get my own horse! Unbelievable!

In our group there was Judy and myself, my husband who was not originally going to go but could not handle me having all the fun (I am glad he went - it was because of him I had the guts to put in my application), and Angela and her daughter Jessi. It was a very fun group!

We arrived and found out that Darlene and her posse (Michelle and Katlyn I think it was...let me know if this isn't right) had been there waiting on us so we could all meet. That was very nice - they had a long drive ahead of them! Thanks you guys!

Judy and I got our horses. I was expecting a bay or sorrel, but found out I was paired up with a black! Whoa! For real? We found him in the pens and he is a stocky dude. I have always called his color a black bay because of the dark color, but brown under the pits, etc. Whatever you call it - it is beautiful!

I jokingly had been calling my horse Tripp because I didn't want to trip and fall at the event in front of everyone and embarrass my horse! HA! I figured I would officially name him after I met him. Well, once I saw him I realized this little mustang is going to take me on the trip of my life - so Mustang Tripp is his name.

Tripp got to ride with Bob on the way home. Bob got his name due to his bob tail - another critter must have chewed it off. Bob is a beautiful horse too! They got to have a slumber party the first night because of all the rain we had in mid Missouri. I think it was good for them because they got to settle down a little bit. I will admit I was worried about how they were going to act after they were split up the next day, but all went well.

I am very excited about Tripp and the journey we are going to experience together. Oh yeah, both horses ate out of our hands no more than 10 minutes after being unloaded! Gotta like that!

Will write more later.....

Karen C.

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Tracey said...

Karen, he's beautiful! Relax, have fun and enjoy every minute of it!