Saturday, June 21, 2008

Progress little by little....

Two handed touch Saturday evening - WOW!

We are bonding...

Tripp sucking is feeding time.

Up to this point Tripp's lead rope is still off, so if any touching is to be done, it is because he is ready for it. He will let me know.

Friday the 20th was good. I got to rub him all over with the whip and he tolerated it. Even under the belly. I have kept the lunging to a minimum since he changes directions so well - we do a little bit, then work on touching and having him follow me. I just don't want him to get bored.

Saturday was great! I didn't have to go to work, so I could go out and do a few short sessions with him. The best one was that evening when I got to touch his neck! Lead rope is still off, so I had a light hold on the nose of the halter and when he backed up and felt the pressure, he moved towards me. I was so darn excited I could not stand it! He really did good!

With my limited experience I have no idea where I will be when the competition gets here - but what I can say is I am having the time of my life! :-)

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