Saturday, June 14, 2008

Slumber Party Over - Bob Goes Home

It is self portrait time! Tripp doesn't mind nuzzling me with his lips as long as I am not facing him.

Well, it is Saturday morning, the day after our EMM pick up. We had HUGE storms here Thursday night and most of Friday while we were gone, so the mud is horrible. Bob got to stay with Tripp the first night because the driveway to Judy's pen was muddy and washed out. We would have been in the same boat if Brian didn't have the foresight to get a guy with a bobcat out here to scrape all the mud and manure out after the ugly winter we had.

We got Bob loaded up without much fuss, and it was kind of sad because the two dudes stuck together through this crazy unwanted adventure of theirs. I wish there was a way to let them know it will be okay.
We could not get the truck out because the mud was too slick. Brian got the tractor out and pulled the truck and trailer out to the driveway. Whew!

We got Bob home and unloaded in his new pen, and we watched that guy trot...or should I say float? He is beautiful! He is nervous because he is alone - us 2 leggeds don't count as company to a mustang - yet! Brian and I got to meet Judy and Ron's critters - there are a bunch of them out there. The special meeting was with with Earl and Jake. I had heard so much about them and finally got to meet them.

We then headed home and once there I got my chair, reading material and some hay ready. I was going to sit out there and I decided that Tripp was going to like me as much as I like him. The hay was beside my feet and he didn't have any problems eating. I flipped around my newspaper and made noise and he would jump a little bit, but nothing big.

Later that day I went back out and got a hold of his lead rope. He did so good with it! I really expected him to take off the minute he felt me tug on it. He did get away from me once on day two, but other than that the minute he would hit the end of it and I planted my feet, he would turn around. I would pull steady one direction and he would move his feet, then we would do it on the other side. I was more than pleased.

So far so good!


Angela and Jessi said...


We knew the moment you saw Tripp you were in love with him! We are so glad you guys are doing well....Keep it up girl, he's gonna be stunning under saddle! He's already stunning just standing around! Thanks for letting us accompany you on your EMM pickup adventure!

Judy & Bob said...

Bob misses Tripp and wants to know when the next slumber party is.
The blog looks great, you've done really well with it!
I'm so glad we've met and are sharing this adventure!