Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Scary bags and brushes.......

Look at the brush on my butt.

That bag isn't so scary when it is laying on the ground.

Well, sometimes it is easy to take a picture without a photographer and sometimes it isn't. I introduced the plastic bag on the stick to Tripp. And trip out he did! I didn't even go towards him with it - I just made noise and walked back and forth on the other side of the pen. For a while it was in front of me - SNORT SNORT - then it was following me - SNORT SNORT! When he would face me and quit moving, I would stop. He would snort at it some more and move forward a little bit. After a while of that I just threw it on the ground and worked on our touching. I left it there and he moved it from one side of the pen to the other while I was feeding the other critters. Wish I would have seen it!

The best part about tonite was this - I found his first itchy spot and he LOVED it!!!! He would scratch in places, but they were no-touch zones, so there was no way for me to prove my value to him. He was trying to scratch his neck and I found the spot! That upper lip stuck out like a camel! It was funny!

I worked on brushing him tonite, and made it to his butt! After the storms that went thru here yesterday morning and last night, he was a muddy boy! I figure a picture of the brush sitting on his butt was enough. :-) Trying to keep him from getting to close to me was a challenge - but we got it. He will let me touch his legs with the whip - inside and out, but me touching them with my hands was not comfortable for him at all. I would trick him and get to spots on the middle part of the front legs, then move away quickly before he could move. It is amazing how easy it is to see their expression change. I mainly worked on the front, altho I did brush the upper part of the back legs. I am going to be very careful there.....when the horse flies are buzzing around, he has no qualms about kicking straight out and back, and he is quick about it. Don't need any accidents happening around here!

The past couple of nights have been some of the same - touching, touching, and more touching. He uses his head to keep me away from moving down his body, so last night I had to start moving that beautiful head out of my space. He can get a little pushy, and I have been known to be a push over, so that is another thing I am trying to be careful about.

Until later........Karen and Tripp

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Judy & Bob said...

You and Tripp are doing great Karen. He looks so much more comfortable with you than Bob is with me.
Bob killed his scary bag after tormenting it for awhile, and he stomped all over the fishing pole.