Monday, June 30, 2008

I got scolded by my Mom!

HELLO! Yes, Grandma Dodi did touch me first, even if it was just once!

Tripp lets me pull on the stirrup - I finally got him to move around this way.

Well, it is simple. If I don't have pictures to look back at - I forget stuff. Important stuff! Stuff as in my Mom reads the blog about Brian and Madison being the first strangers to go into Tripp's pen and meet him. She then reminds me that on the 24th, the night she stayed at my house, she went in Tripp's pen with me and he let her touch him once. ACK! I will find a way to redeem myself. :-) And yes, my Mom did visit Tripp and he was very ancy so Mom left the pen because she didn't like him being nervous. She then watched me work with him for almost an hour...the time just flew! I was glad she got to see that. As kids, we always had horses, but we never did anything like this before. I got to share what I have learned the past few years. It was awesome explaining some of what I was doing to my Mom. She is hooked! She can't make the event this year, but she said that next year she would love to go.

Tripp wore the saddle again today. I have decided that this is going to be an almost every day occurrence. I say 'almost' because I don't want him thinking that everything revolves around the saddle. (HELLO! It revolves around me! Ha ha!) We didn't 'drop' the saddle this time, and he really did good! I cinched it up snug and after walking him for a bit, I free lunged him to see what would happen with the stirrups flapping around. Nothing....absolutely nothing! Then I started pulling on the stirrups - I wanted him to give to that pressure too, and he did! He was a little confused, heck, I would be too! But he took it in stride...Which is a good thing. I would rather he not know that he can buck and get all silly with stuff on his back. :-) Then we did the normal touchy feely stuff. It was another good night!

Karen and Tripp

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Tripp's trainer's MOM said...

Mom read this and smiled !! I was just teaching Tripp that some humans know when to stand back and give him space. I think it's called horse sense!!