Monday, October 20, 2008

From fit and slick to fat and fuzzy!

For three months I fed and watered Tripp every single day, except for the night we were packing to head to TX. Brian took care of things that night while I could get things together. The weather was warm and all the horses were shiny and looking good. Then I was gone for three weeks......

TRIPP IS FAT AND FUZZY NOW! I had a reverse feeling that trainers from the other Challenges had. Some of them got fuzzy horses that they got to watch shed off and glow.
I left a shiny fit horse and came back to a very fuzzy fat horse! I think Tripp did the same thing I did for three weeks......we were couch potatoes! I didn't make time to exercise after my long days, and he was just being a horse while I was gone. I think we both put on a little bit of poundage!

Tripp didn't come running up to me to give me a big hug like I was hoping. Ha ha! He just stared at me a little bit like he wasn't sure who he was looking at.

It didn't take us long to reacquaint, and it didn't take some of the others long either. Everyone was lovey dovey......

Halo, the gray mustang mare, is usually top dog. She decided to be like us....lovers instead of fighters.

After proving to myself what I can do, Halo is going to be one of my projects. She has worn the saddle and was doing real well in the round pen, then I got busy. Never did get on her. I learned a lot and have a better plan now, so I really don't think it will take that long to get her going. Halo and Wendigo were our first adopted mustangs. I have been on Wendigo...but same story. Got busy and didn't go any further with it. Things will change....

And don't think it didn't take me long to assess the new battle wounds! Look at that rump! Tripp and somebody had a 'chat' while I was gone. No worries....that too shall heal, and he really does seem to get along with most everyone. Can't ask for more than that!

It really does feel good to be home...and Tripp has nickered at me several times since being reunited.

Life is good.....

Karen and Tripp

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