Thursday, October 30, 2008

SURPRISE! Our new family member.....Millie

I would like to introduce our new bouncing baby girl! Her name is Millie and she is a 10 year old Scottish Highland heifer. (This is the picture from the ad we saw her on - it was too dark to get pictures tonite....will do that this weekend)

Millie was purchased as a bottle calf and has lived and been spoiled at the same place for the past 10 years. She has been a pet and loved by her people, and has never even seen other cattle. She used to shack up with several llamas and a couple of horses.

Circumstances required her people to find her and the other critters good homes. We were not the only ones who responded to the ad - but we were chosen. Yay!

We picked her up tonite and let's just say that her size was a little bit bigger than what it looked like in the pictures. There is another picture of a man hand feeding her - so we thought she might have been a large miniature. Ummmmm, no. This girl is HUGE!!! As in at least twice as big as what we thought!

She is very tame, altho not halter broke (do their brains work like horses???) and right now she is hanging out with the donks and Tandee, my older Arab mare.

It was dark when we got her home, and I followed her while she tested the perimeter fence. The outside horses were surprised, snorted and jumped about 10 ft the other direction.....all except Tripp that is! He stayed at the fence and they blew noses together. I was pretty proud! :-) They actually visited for quite a while...wish I knew what they were talking about......

Anyways, that is our big surprise, and I will get better pictures this weekend. Brian is going to be gone all weekend, so it is going to be hard to get a picture with me by her to give a perspective of her real size, but I will try. Dang she is big!

Until later......

Karen and Tripp

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Anonymous said...

What a story! I thought they were smaller than that too. What a surprise! Looks like a new learning curve has begun. Truly, I do not see where you get all your energy. Have fun!