Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Now a Joker AND a Jester....

Okay, this little guy has nothing to do with Joker and Jester. :-)
I have this weird obsession with dead things - actually several of my family members do - we like to collect bones, specifically skulls. And I didn't have an armadillo skull.

Here is the cool part, to my knowledge, I have the most northern armadillo! It was found in Mid Missouri, on Hwy 63, north of I-70 a few miles. I saw it on the side of the road and just had to turn around to go get it.

It has cured quite nicely! The bones have not stayed together, but the skull is looking pretty good. The other cool thing is the armor has stayed together too! I found it right before leaving for Texas, so it has just sat on top of that hay bale for a month now. Hee hee!

We have acquired a donkey. We already have two burros we adopted from the BLM, and now we have added a domestic donk to the group. Brian named him Jester to go with his new yearling, Joker.

Jester was living down the road in a pen by himself, and that is because he was running the guys cattle. Jester got put in time out for over a year. I have to tell ya, one day we were driving home and we watched Jester chasing the steers and his tail was ringing round and round while he was braying! It was the funniest darn thing......

Another neighbor mentioned that the guy wanted the donk gone, so while I was out of town, Brian went to talk to him. Come to find out a ranch hand, who has been gone for a year, owned the donk and never came back for him. The cattle guy was more than happy to let Brian pick up Jester.

Here is Brian and Jester.

Brian and Jester with toothy grins!

Jester is a little thin, and I don't know if that is because of his age or lack of nutritional groceries. He had grass and big round hay bales put out for him all the time, so food was there. We will spoil him rotten, and the next time the vet is due out we will have him checked over.

So in the meantime, Jester now has donk buds to hang out with.

Welcome to the zoo Jester!


Joan Fisher said...

I love the donkey! He is cute!
I've been helping a friend with his donkey by ponying it behind a Tenn Walking horse. Talk about silly! My friend gets on him and walks around too which is the funniest thing to see because he is about 70 and 6ft tall.
Your blog is informative, I had no idea that a donkey could pen cattle or chase them. A city gal wouldn't know things like that. hehe Very cool!!
I will tell my friend, he will think that is neat, he just loves his donkey!

Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

Hey Karen,
Welcome back. I was beginning to think you fell off the end of the earth. The armadillo is... how can I put this? Gross. But the donkey is cute.
Here in Texas the weather hasn't gotten real cool sometimes it reaches 55 degree, so most of our horses still look slick. But, we have 1 that starts looking like a fuzzy bear long before winter actually arrives. He already has hair about an inch long and he won't lose it until it gets super warm-I shaved him last year. Taz still looks slick and beautiful. He has to, he still has a lot of parades to go to. He(&Kirstin) have 1 this weekend.

Christina de Pinet said...

Karen, welcome back! Jester is cute! I have a BLM donkey and a domestic donkey too. I have been working with Dusty, the BLMer, on and off. My dad wants me to sell the donkeys to save feed for Nine... anyways, let me know how it goes with Jester, and we can share ideas so I can find a good home for Dusty!

jill said...

Jester is a pretty and cute donkey who looks like he is soaking up the attention. Tell me the armadillo is not your carcass, he looks like he is sleeping! The "she" in New Orleans almost reminds me of the armadillo, reverse armor? Kirsten, why do Texas people think so poorly of cute little armadillos?

Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

It's not that we think so poorly of Armadillos, actually the Armadillo is kind of a Texas Icon, it's the fact that he is permanently sleeping that wierded me out. They are really cute close up esp. when they are alive.

Karen C. said...

Ha ha! I can't stop laughing....Kirstin, you are too funny! Just think of the little guy taking a nap, okay? :-)
I have been informed by my husband that maybe I should not have picked him up....that getting caught with certain critters is a BAD thing! So yes, the Dillo is just sleeping.....hee hee

This was the closest I have been to one, and I also think he is pretty cute, altho I have have heard they are quite destructive.
OH! And he is hairy on the bottom side! Who knew? Not me.

Maybe luck will be on my side next time and I will capture one long enough for a self portrait....(husband just read this and is worried - HA!)

F.Y.I. - Jester talks to me every single day! He even blocks out some time for me to come and visit...very sweet!

Also, thank you ALL for keeping up on the blog. I love hearing how everyone is doing!

Until later...Karen and Fuzzy Tripp

Angela said...

HA...You will never catch an armadillo! We have them at Truman Lake and they are FAST...so fast the dogs couldn't catch them! And you should see how fast those nasty buggers (YES, nasty buggers) can burrow and dig! Amazing...still a possum with a half shell to me...No thanks...Keep it on your side of the river lady! Hehehehe...I LOVE the pic of Brian and Jester's grin....Tell Brian to get his pics of Jester up! Great seeing you guys this weekend!