Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sometimes the only thing I can say are "Hee hee hee!" because I am so excited!

The past few nights with Boom have been a few minutes of rubbing and touching all over.  It has been rainy and muddy again so I kept the 'lessons' short. 

Tonite I found a few dry spots in his pen so we worked more on rubbing all over plus a little bit of this!!!!!!  This is where the "Hee hee hee" comes in!  :-D

This is no 'dummy legs'.....this is ME!!!!!

I spent a lot of time jumping up and down on my bucket, then jumping off.  Then I gradually worked my way up to his back.  He did fantastic!

His left side was better than his right.  On his right side the first time I hopped up I slid off real quick.  The second time I stayed on a couple of seconds, then reached down to rub the side of his belly and he hopped.  I 'rode' that one out, then he hopped bigger and I was 'nothing but air' for a little bit.  I felt like Michael Jordan when he would go for that basket then hover in the air a little while.  Okay, I didn't feel exactly like that....but it was pretty darn cool!  I hovered in the air, then landed on my feet!  We went right back to the bucket and did it again....and again.....and again.   

I was so darn excited how the night went!  This weekend is supposed to be nice and sunny, so a walk outside of the pen is in our future!  Woo hoo!  Little by little he is letting me share his world....and he is choosing to share mine.

A day or two ago I got home from work, jumped out of the truck, and almost landed on this snake!  It was not very big.

I like snakes, but only when they don't surprise me.  It sure is a pretty little thing....

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who is not impressed with the snake!

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Angela said...

Great work...and Boom is SO shiny too! Let us know how the walk goes...can't wait to hear. We took Cord and Valero for a walk thru the neighborhood last night. Only had one idiot moment and that was when some car came BLAZING up on us and I had to stop them! Valero settled so I motioned them by a minute later.