Monday, July 26, 2010

Video of my first ride on Sonic Boom...

Since we had rain tonite, with lots of lightning, I opted to NOT take Boom to the wildlife area for a walk.  I don't mind getting wet...I do mind the lightning.  So I made good use of my time....I played with video!

Watching this still makes my heart flutter....what a great feeling to see where we are.

Tonite was pretty awesome too....the rain slowed down and I just hung out with Boom.  I stepped back and he actually looked at me with his ears up, as if to ask me where I went.  That was the first time he has asked to be close.....he then took a step towards me and when he was right by me, he stopped.  I rubbed and scratched on him, and moved away again to see what he would do.  Same thing...he moved right next to me.  Uh, yeah....that was us NOT getting attached.  :-)

In spite of the weather it was a great night.

Until later...Karen and Tripp who just doesn't see what the big deal is...he comes to me to be petted and scratched too!  (snicker snicker)


nikki said...

Your first ride on Boom the "wild" mustang and you're taking video from his back. Love it!!! :) Great song choice too.

Jessi and Steen's Valero said...

Great job Karen!!!!!