Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sonic Boom goes to the lake and to an indoor arena....

Hello everyone, Sonic Boom would like everyone to know that he is giving up eating meat unless he accidentally eats a fly (does that count as meat?)  that he was trying to bite off himself.....yes, he did that at the lake and judging from the look on his face, it was NOT very tasty!  Ptooey!

We also went to a friends indoor arena to play a while....

I put together a video of his adventures so far.....can't wait to add to those adventures!


This was the first time I free lunged him in a big area - and the first time he has been in a bigger area since he came home.  I expected him to take off bucking and farting and just get the kinks worked out.  Nope....what you see here - him free lunging around me is the first time I asked him to move.  No crazy stuff at all!  He was amazing!

Gotta go....I am running late!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Until later, Karen and Tripp who says he doesn't miss an opportunity to take off running bucking and especially farting for fun!  :-)

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