Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A walk in the park....okay, not is just the yard again. :-)

We hauled some hay the day before yesterday and somehow I tweaked my knee.  I don't remember jumping hard on it, or twisting it....I just remember walking to the house and it hurting real bad and me almost going down.  It is still acting up....don't know what I did but it is quite annoying.  I decided it really doesn't matter because we had rain last night and the pen is still muddy, so I would take him in the yard and walk around all the stuff again, and go for the trailer.....the first time he stood there sniffing and I waited him out.  The second time he followed me right up there, and the third time I sent him on!  Woo hoo!

The last two times he went in, he did not want to come out.  He stood up there looking around.  I am pleased how he exits the trailer...he steps down very calmly.  We did try to back out once but the place I have it parked is kind of high and he was not so sure about that, so we will wait until we have less of a drop.  I don't want to push the issue and have him afraid of something he doesn't have to be afraid of.  No need to make a problem that I would just have to fix later.

Flies were buzzing and biting like crazy...summer is here.  :-)  I ran in the house to get the fly spray and Brian took over NOT bonding with Boom.  (Hee hee!)

Batman and Boom meet.....I still wonder when Batman learned respect for his elders.  He sure was not raised that way.  He was raised a spoiled little boy who torments everybody!  Now he clacks those little teeth of his without hesitation. 

When Brian works with Boom, he tries to do everything I do so Boom gets used to the 'feel' of someone else asking for things.  Boom usually snorts at first but relaxes pretty quick.  Brian does great with him, and Boom does great understanding and accepting someone new.

Boom meets the lawn mower....what is the best part of this picture?  It is not ME mowing!  HA HA HA!!!!!

Boom wanted to show himself off....after spraying him he was a shiny shiny boy and he was quite he should be.  Wy is behind him shining in his own way.  Wy is lighter in color this year.  Amazing how much they can change as they get older.
Boom liked how the walnut tree framed his back.  :-)

Boom was giving me some Vogue looks......little tilt one direction......cock of the ear....

The sophisticated suave and debonair look the other direction.....

BAH!  Tired of smiling!  No more pictures please.....

At first glance all you see is a bunch of scrub brush....look in the middle and you will see a donk nose.

The next several days are supposed to be very hot and humid.  I am hoping it doesn't rain during this time so I have good ground to work on.  I am getting used to my eyelids sweating so we will deal with the weather just fine.....just might see Boom likes the water hose.  This is the perfect weather to test it out.

Have a great day everyone, drink plenty of fluids and look out for your friends, family and neighbors.

Until later...Karen and Tripp who does drink a lot of water and looks out for everyone....when it suits him.  :-)

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Angela said...

Ah, great to see Boom getting out and about and Brian NOT bonding with Boom...ahem it's nice of him to work the horse...Tell J good job mowing and thanks for desensitizing the horse!!!! Jessi has asked Mike to weedeat later this weekend around Valero...Hmm, do you ever do a chainsaw?? LOL, still remember the first year of EMM....