Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sonic Boom goes on a field trip!

More storms today and it was a mess when I got home.  It was so hot and muggy...not two minutes later sweat was pouring off me....literally!  I decided we are getting out of here, so I saddled up Boom and we headed to the wildlife area!  This was his first trip away from home and I was pretty excited to see how he would act.  He loaded up quite nicely and away we went.

Check this out!  This is so different than the day we picked him up and he would not even give us the false hope of a glance.  He was wondering what was going on but he rode like a gentleman!  He is learning that forehead rubs mean things are okay.  :-)  

Sometimes we all do bonehead things....and the only reason I am fessing up is because someone might learn from it.  The wildlife area is not too far from the house, so I hooked up the trailer and away we went.  Boom moved around a little bit in the trailer and I felt the movement, but I also kept hearing a clunk.  When I pulled into the parking lot I realized that I never switched the ball out from the flatbed trailer to the stock trailer!  It is a smaller ball....YIKES!!!!!  Before we took our walk I did some 'work' and got the balls swapped out.  Thankfully it was not bad and I bet I don't forget to double check again!  It gave me a little bit of a scare.....Boom was a Rock Star thru all this.  He walked back and forth while I started the truck, turned it off, moved forward a little bit, backed up again....all of this and fighting the horse flies!  I have never tied him and was not going to 'teach' it now.  :-)  He was watching me thru the window of the open truck door.  I think he would have made fun of me if he knew how!  Ha ha! 

BOOM:  "You can hunt deer?  Isn't that meat?  I eat meat!!!!!  YES!  Oh wait, I don't eat meat any more....I only nibble meat."  (Thanks Mary for this one!)

BOOM:  "Ummmm, let's go this way!"

I called Brian and left him a message that I was headed to the trails.  He met me there camera in hand and took a few pictures.  Thank you baby! 

Boom and I are coming back from our short walk.

We are leaving the trail and headed back to the parking lot.  Hey!  We actually trotted!  Woo hoo!

BOOM:  "Look at me!  I am a Punk Rocker!  Now just need to dye my mane bright pink to match my tie-dye halter!"

BOOM:  "The girl has some value.  She swats flies.  Oh yeah, she feeds me too."

Look at us!  Woo hoo!  We are out in the wild!

My eyes are changing so I only wear my contacts when I know I won't have to read anything.  When I wear my glasses, which is most of the time any more, to see close up I have to peek under the lenses.  After seeing this picture I realize why people laugh at me!  I look like a dork!

This was the shot I was after while looking under my lenses and looking like a dork!
It looked better in my head....but it is still cool.  I can see his brand.

Hee hee!  Caught looking like a dork....and realizing it!

A girl and her horse....

The horse flies were horrible but the walk was great.  When I first got to the parking lot and hopped out of the truck, horse flies were bouncing off the truck and trailer!  Geez!  We head to work in the morning and come home in the evening and horse flies are dive bombing the car.  They are MEAN!  I swatted as many as I could, and he is getting so good about letting me get them. 

A couple of the main things we are still working on is his comfort zone with someone walking behind him, and a second or third person walking up to him while one person holds him.  He is getting better but is still so very cautious.  We will get there.....

Gotta is late.
Until later, Karen and Tripp who thinks it was way too hot to go walking on the trail...okay, not really!  Tripp is just jealous.  :-)


Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

Love the pics, especially the one of Boom reading the signs. Karen you always have wonderful pics. Sonic Boom is doing great, keep up the good work.
Oh, by the way, Kirstin got a Tripp look alike(almost)!


Jessi and Steen's Valero said...

Haha Karen when you talked about you looking down out of the lenses of your glasses it reminded me of our trip to NE!!!haha i thought you were like "hmph!" at Brian and I!Great work with Boom!!!!I can't wait until my dad gets the truck fixed so i can go out somewhere with Lero!!

Angela said...

And here all this time I just thought you were uppity looking at stuff....Seriously you cracked me up in the back of the pickup on the way to Nebraska!!!! Now you know why we were laughing!!!!

Karen C. said...

HA HA HA!!!! YES! It was Angela and Jessi who were laughing at me while I was reading under my glasses! :-)
Now I know what I look like....I am not saying I will stop doing it because it is very convenient....I will TRY not to do it because I look like a dork. Hee hee!

Priscilla, I just checked out the blog and yes, he does resemble Tripp! I love his cute curled in ears! I can't wait to see him because I think his nose is like Tripp's too. Something about that nose....