Sunday, August 8, 2010

First night riding at the Conservation Area (this was the good night)

Hello!  I debated as to posting the long weekend adventures in one post or separate them....I will separate them.  I have too many pictures I want to post.  :-)

Okay, I will start with Thursday night....we took Boom to the conservation area to ride a little while.  It was his first time out there and I wanted him to have a feel for the place.  I took off work Friday to meet up with a friend and we were going to trail ride out here...thought it would be a good idea to come out here before then.

Here Boom is looking at Brian as if to say "REALLY?  You are letting her saddle me up?  Out HERE?"

He has not been tied except for in the trailer so I let the lead line hang thru the trailer window.  He stood like a champ!

I walked him around a while, and Brian's niece, Taci, wanted to pet him.  He still is not good with new people so there are snorts-a-many going on.  He is tight as a tick, but deals with it.  I love when he relaxes because it is one big long snort sigh sound...

I rode around the parking lot a while and did a lot of leaning over and rubbing, etc.  Horse flies are still horrible so he needs to be good when it comes to the swatting.  Up to this point, there are no issues.

Petting the right side of his neck....again, up to this point, there were no issues.

He was very interested in what was in the camping area of the parking lot.  I think it was the grassy field on the other side of it that he really wanted to visit! 

Lots more rubbing and fly chasing.

Pretty flower....

We hit the trail....we only rode the short section.  He wanted to trot!  I wanted to let him but I did not ask for it and this was not the time to let him make his own decisions.  He is still very independent and that is my other 1st biggest challenge with him (the other 1st being the horse flies and concentration issues). 

When we made it to the road he did not hesitate to cross over.  He snorted at the culvert, walked by it then hit the white chat road.  He is the first horse I have ridden out there that did not hesitate at the road.  He did not want to turn around to come back.  But he did....

Almost back to the parking lot....

He is very relaxed and seems to be enjoying himself.  I am too!  :-)

We rode around the trees in the parking area to practice our power steering.

There was a little trail thru the grass to the trail that he kept trying to go on.  I decided we will go on it, but we are doing it from the trail side, not the parking lot side.  When we got to it, he did not want to get on the critter trail.  It took some doing, but we made it on and he walked over stuff that tickled his belly. 

It was a great night and I was not disappointed with anything we did.  I thought we were ready.
Stay tuned for a new blog entry that tells the story of me realizing I am not paid to think!  :-)

Until later....Karen and Tripp who says he had MORE fun on the trail and looked cuter on it than Boom does.  No, no competition here..... :-)

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