Monday, August 23, 2010

Old Threshers Horse Show....

Sunday was another day of "Expose Boom to the real world!"

Montgomery County had their Old Threshers Show, and there was also a fun show planned that afternoon.  This wagon was at the end of the Parade of Power and Boom just wanted to eat more grass.  You know....because he is starving!  :-)

When we first got there I was tickled because one of the guys driving a tractor with a shuttle attached was Betty's Uncle!  When we asked about parking he said we could park next to the arena, which we heard we could not do.  He said "follow me!" so we did.  We got a parking space right next to the arena which was perfect because there was not too much going on in that area yet.  We had time to check out the sights....

This little girl LOVED Boom!  He had several people pet him, he let out a lot of snorts, but in the end, there were a lot more smiles and giggles than snorts.  :-)

She was so excited she giggled and cute!

There was a vendor with all these flags so we hung out there a was not a big deal for him.  The wind was blowing pretty good so there was a lot of flapping going on....

We did not walk the whole fairgrounds, but we did walk up and down tractor row....which was AWESOME!!!  Cool tractors and a lot of people with questions about Boom's brands on his neck and butt.

Here is Betty and Boom.  Betty is my motorcycle friend who grew up with horses and enjoys the shows.  She has come with Boom and I to two shows now.  She was shaking her ice cup and it was kinda freaking out Boom.  But Betty kept at it until Boom stood in one spot. 

I love these old tractors! 

Check out the name on the cup......yeah, awesome shot!  Brian, you rock baby!

YIKES!  It was bad enough with one rider TWO? 

Boom is not socialized so he struggles a little bit with other people coming up to him.  Once they get there he is fine.  I do think he liked the little kids the best...don't most of them?

We met Angela and Jessi (yearling competition of the EMM in Lincoln, NE) at the show, and here is Valero, Jessi's yearling.  Betty and Angela are watching Valero eat and trying to keep this wild mustang under control.  :-)  Valero is such a handsome young man...and we think he is going to be a big boy when he grows up.

We all held horses for each other.  Brian is holding Jessi's mustang, Kahlua.

Brian offered to hold Boom for me for a while....I was very happy to let him take over a while so I could sit down.

Boom watching the riders go by.  I don't know what group these three girls were with, but they were the most polite group of girls when it came to riding close to other horses.  The palomino you see here was on the right side of the girls, and when she saw Boom turn to look with nervousness and interest, she slowed, moved to the left, and went by.  They consistently showed courtesy to others too.  As we left I was wishing I had talked to the adult that was with them to let her know how they were.  :-)

Brian holding Kahlua...

I got called up to the announcer stand to help out, and this was my view from up there.  Our little group of people hanging out in the shade of the small tree and having a good time.

I got a close up....look at the smiles. 

Jessi was called out to do a demonstration with Valero before the show started, then Jessi said "Hey, what about Karen?", so I got to take Boom out there too.  The arena footing was horrible so there was only so much I could do, but it was fun....and good experience because I was nervous.  :-) 

Jessi and Valero....

Brian hanging out with Boomer....

Brian worked with Boomer a little bit while he took over.  They worked on moving while Brian had his arm over Boom's back, they flexed while stopped and to a stop, etc.  It is good for Boomer to get the feel of how others are going to work him.

Jessi and Kahlua....look at that smile!

Jessi and Kahlua hanging out....

This guy wanted to buy Kahlua for his grand daughter.  Jessi and Angela already said they did not think so.  :-)
So here is Jessi standing on Kahlua, as if to say "Yeah, look at what I can do with her....and no, she isn't for sale."  Ha ha! 

Then Jessi did a flip off her.....

Valero saying hello to Jordan and Madison....

Finally!  THE PARADE OF POWER!!!!!  Woo hoo!!!!  Tractors were lined up waiting their turn to go, and we hung out very close to them.  Once they started moving they were coming towards us then turned to go right by....

Boom did jump at this kind of popped and the exhaust came poofing out at us as it popped...other than that, Boom was not too concerned.

Lots and lots of tractors....wish we could have been on the other side where the steam engines were coming in. 

This older gentleman had two little girls with him....I waved and they smiled.

Mendy, who was doing the announcing, was riding in some of the games, so she called me up there to help announce.  At first I had stage fright, then I got the hang of it and it was FUN!  Just last week Brian and I were talking about me making a good radio personality because I am better at just talking....all the time.....I don't need people in front of me to talk.  In fact I am more comfortable without them.  Ha ha!

I was chatting with the show judge and the girl on the other side of Boom about mustangs.

It was a long day, it was hot and I got a little cranky (rude people do that to me), but we had a breeze so that helped.  It was great to see Angela and Jessi again, it was fun having Betty come along, and I think as a whole the day was very productive and a good one.  I wish we had one of these 2 or 3 days in a row to really let it sink in to Boom that other horse/rider teams running around him are okay.
We are doing what we can with what we have.... :-)

Before I sign off I want to tell one more story about a little girl who rode in the games.  Her little horse came in and was supposed to cross over a log, run to the other end and go around the barrel, and come back over the log.  Fastest time wins.  She was about 10 or so...and her horse was not cooperating and she was very frustrated and like most kids and adults both, they get to pulling around which just makes the horse more nervous.  There was a little dancing going on between the two of them, then all of a sudden that little girl relaxed, lightened up those hands, pointed her horse to the log and she waited until the horse went over the log.  She quietly rode to the barrel, came back around and when they got back to the log the horse walked right over.  That little girl did other games too, and she was the same relaxed soft handed little girl, and that horse was doing everything she asked.  I was so proud of her - it was the perfect picture of what 'quiet' can do.  It was harmony....

Until later....Karen and Tripp who is glad he did not go because he heard the arena was very muddy and he is a little bit out of shape.

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Angela said...

I had a blast with you guys there....And I thought Boom and Valero did quite well considering all the noise....I'm proud of you girls!!!!