Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Video - Second time at the arena and we can trot! Woo hoo!

Like I said, it amazes me how quickly Sonic Boom learns and how easily he stepped out when I asked him to walk.  I can tell when he gets confused about something and instead of forcing the issue and confusing or stressing him more, I might either ask again to see if my signals are more clear, or I step back a step, do what we know how to do, then try again.  He really is awesome!  

The past two nights have been overly hot and humid, so we have done nothing other than me walking him out to the yard to munch on grass. He is a big boy now and I leave him with the small group.
The lesson is I lead him by his jaw (instead of the halter and lead rope) and change directions a couple of times.  Sometimes it goes well, and sometimes he gets sidetracked and might move the opposite way of where I am headed.  No worries......he is getting it.  His attention span is all over the board, so I have to pay attention and also change things up a lot.

I sure do hope it cools off soon so we can get back out there and play!   I am ready to get him on the trails to see how he does.  I really think he will enjoy it....the open air is great for their brains.

Until later....Karen and Tripp who is tired of standing in one place and still drips sweat!


Michelle said...

You're doing awesome with him! He's quite a looker.

Jessi said...

Great Job!!!I hope you will be riding him in the EMM!He moves so nicely!!!Have any ideas for the freestyle yet???Because if you keep working you can probably get into it!!!Woohoo!!!

Hoof'n It said...

Thanks you guys! Michelle, he is quite the looker. :-)
Jessi, I will be riding this year. Woo hoo! When he decided it was time to ride, he did not waste any time. Woo hoo! I won't have time for a freestyle because I will be support staff for you and Valero! Hugs!