Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sonic Boom meets Tripp....

After my encounters with the ground I am still bruised up and sore, but am moving around a little better.  Thank goodness!  I have decided I am afraid of hitting the ground again....I hit hard 3 times and I can't help but wonder if those times loosened up stuff inside, so the next hard hit will make something inside me come apart!  Ha ha !  I just know I don't want to be that person who can't get over the little bit of fear I have now - so with some advice from a friend (thank you Jay!) I am going to get to work on Boom and on myself!  We WILL be back!  :-)

Now, on to Boom and Tripp....the first thing I needed to do was make sure they would get along.  Tripp is possessive of me plus a little bit of a stud muffin (or should I say gelding muffin?) so he likes to scrap.  When I brought him in, he was introduced to the water jugs. 

TRIPP:  Hmmmm, smells like water jugs!  

TRIPP:  Yep, still water....surely there is something better in these things.  By the way, why are they hanging here?  I did not get any water jugs!  Hmpf!

I got Tripp saddled up and start moving him around the pen.  Boom was a snort monster and was not so sure about this guy he just met.  When I asked them both to stop and face me, Boom faced me and walked up to me while keeping an eye on Tripp.  Boom is trying to get as close as he can, and I had to make him back up.  I was sensing a little bit of jealousy out of the two of them...
Tripp can't believe I am asking him to work in this heat and questions my love for him.  (Ha ha!)

We work different directions, and there are times they are both going opposite directions.  There was a little bit of face making and a few butt hops, but nothing big. 
When I ask them to stop my goal is to get them next to each other so I can get a picture.  We are getting closer! 

Finally, begrudgingly, they moved closer together.

I unsaddle Tripp and start taking things inside the barn and I heard some squealing and contact sounds from kicking.  I yell at them and come back out and they both are looking at me with ears up and an innocent look on their face.  When I stand there speaking English, because I treat them like they know English, I am telling them I know what they were up to.  That was the moment that Boom turned to look at Tripp and laughed!  Oh my was hilarious! 
After that they were good until they knew I was hauling the saddle in and could not set it down without it being a hassle...then they started fighting again.  So, no leaving these two alone!  Boom gave Tripp a couple of bald spots on his right side.  Boom was captured as a 4 yr old, so he had longer to learn how to be a 'street fighter' and he doesn't back down. 

Tripp says fine, give me bald spots, I know Mom thinks my hair is sexy so I will give her a little taste of my hotness!  Yep, she has forgotten all about the bald spots.  Snort snort....take that BOOM!  She likes me best!  ;-) 

Batman wants no part of the big boy argument....he wants to stand next to the big boy saddle and dream about growing up to be a mustang.  ;-)

It was hotter than Hades tonite...okay, I don't know this to be fact, but I have heard...and I am glad I got both of them in the pen together regardless of how miserable it is out there.  I think it went very well and am ready for Round II.  With some patience and perseverance we should be able to work thru Boom's scary thing (whatever it is) and myself. 

Hope everyone is doing great and keeping cool.  Tripp says to be sure and drink plenty of fluids cuz it is hot out there! 

Until later....Karen and Tripp who thinks he showed Boom who is boss.  (I let them both think that.....we all know I am boss!)

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