Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sonic Boom meets the umbrella and the big white tarp....

This evening I made like Mary Poppins and pulled out the umbrella.  Thank goodness Mary Poppins did not have an umbrella that went thru what this one did.....

I thought that Boomer would have a fit when I opened it up and swung it around, but he just lifted his head to watch, and when I put it down he sniffed at it......

Then he started pawing it.....a lot!

And this is what happened to it.  During all of this he never jumped back.  He nosed it, rolled it around, pawed it and nosed it some more.  It is now demolished so I will take the cover off and make something from that.  :-)

I pulled down the water jugs and threw them around too.  He did not mind me throwing them at him, and putting them on him. 

Wearing them around the neck concerned him a little bit, but no big blow ups.

Then I tied them to the saddle horn and he had to drag them around.  All in all he did alright, but he did get startled a couple of times. 

Then he stopped real quick and looked very unhappy....

Then he dropped that head and started licking his lips and chewing....he realizes he is okay...whew he says, that was close!  It did not take long for him to move around the pen dragging the jugs and not paying any attention to them.

He is totally disgusted with me.  Can you tell?

Last year we found this big white tarp looking thing in the median of the highway, and it was there a long time so we decided to pick up the 'litter' and bring it home.  Today I layed it out in the yard thinking that it would cause a raucous since it is big and white - totally unlike anything he has seen before.  Nope, he nosed it, pawed it, then walked across it to get to more grass.  No drama at all.  We walked over it several times just in case....Wyoming and Batman joined us too.  Nobody was worried about the tarp. 

Batman sniffing at Nakita....

Batman is a piglet.  If he isn't eating with Grandma Tandee, he is with Wyoming.  Tandee and Wy both are very tolerant of this spoiled little boy.  Batman is nipping Wy to get him to move.....they go back and forth like this all the time.

Here we have a mustang butt.....and we have a mini mustang butt.  :-)  Batman still wants to be a mustang when he grows up and I tell him he is makes him feel tough.  :-) 

Not only do we have 3 glowing sets of eyes....look real close on the right and there is another set of eyes.  That is Chase, the llama. 

It was a good workout night with Boomer - no blow ups but we did have some nervous reactions.  I can deal with the reactions because those are something we can work thru.  When he blows up I am at a loss because I don't know what caused it....and it happens so fast. 

I am heading to a friends house in Kansas this weekend...he is going to help me with Boom.  Okay, it is as much for me as it is for Boomer.  :-)  Another friend is going to meet us at his place...I am excited to see them both!
It is very hard for me to ask for help....I want to do it all by myself.  I have had people tell me that it takes more guts to ask for help than it does to try to do it myself....not to mention it might be safer to get help.  If I had a lot of time to keep Boomer here, I know we can work thru it, but if I can get some help and help Boomer mentally now instead of later, why not?  I have to think of Boomer and not myself.....
I really am excited about this weekend because I will get to learn so much!  Now Boomer on the other hand might think a little bit different.  He is going to get a real work out....not the work out from the 'girl'.  Ha ha!

That is all I know for now.....

Until later...Karen and Tripp who wants to see the big white tarp.  :-)

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