Saturday, February 16, 2013

Short ride...priceless...

The days are getting longer and I was going to take a quick ride behind the barn after work a couple nights ago.  The plan was a great one, but there are still areas of mud that have ice under it.  There also isn't much flat area to work on so it got a little jiggy out there.  I got .7 of a mile on this ride...and I had to fight for it!  Ha ha!  I was glad to get to do it, but I think I will just work on my patience and wait next time.  :-)

Fast forward to tonite...the 16th.
I took a short ride this evening and it was just what the doctor ordered.  It was chilly most of the day and I just couldn't get myself to feel warm enough to get out there.  It finally hit the mid 30's and that was good enough...I was outta here!

Today was going to be something different.  I already knew it would be a short ride, so I decided to take the bareback pad with me.  I put a couple things under it to cushion Tripp's back more, and away we went.

Us and our shadow...

TRIPP:  "Okay Girl, there are only so many pictures you can take that you have not seen before.  Be a good girl, put the camera down and let's go."

TRIPP:  "This is more like it...the wind between my the way, I know you have the camera out again...I can feel it....that girl....what is a mustang to do?"

TRIPP:  "I love sunsets.  They relax me..."

I set the camera timer to see what we ended up with.  There is a 10 second delay, and sometimes that is too long for Tripp.  He has already lost interest by 5 seconds and thinks this is stupid, and his face says so.  I gave him an alfalfa cube as a treat so he would be occupied with something good for a few seconds longer.  At least he doesn't look irritated.  :-)

This ride was a short one but one of the best wildlife rides I have had out here.  In addition to the regular birds and squirrels, I saw a lot of deer and turkeys tonite.  When the first herd of turkeys took off, the flapping of their wings was loud and crazy!  Tripp just watched...good boy!  And the ride on the bareback pad was great!  I think he enjoyed it too...he was traveling about 40 to 45 lbs less thanks to the saddle staying in the truck.  :-)

Until later...Karen and Tripp who wants to learn to fly like a turkey...

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allhorsestuff said...

Hey there!!
Thanks for stooping at my place and leaving a comment.
Loved your comment too.

Tripp is a beauty. I'll have to reread up more to find out details about you two.

I live sunsets too, riding into them makes me very happy, and it's the perfect end to any (I wish every) day.
You said so many things in this post I related to...I'm going to enjoy getting to know you.
KK with Wa mare