Sunday, February 10, 2013

Silly Batman Games before Hoof Trimming...

February 3, 2013

The sun is shining and I would really rather be riding, but I have a couple of horses that need to be trimmed, and more if my back can take it.  Before I got started we had a little bit of circus activity going on...

BATMAN:  "Look at me!  I can reach up here and grip him with my teeth.  I bet I could clamp down and free hang like the guy on the beam for the super glue commercials.  I am too young to remember them, but I have heard about him."

RED:  "Please make him go away."

BATMAN:  "Look!  Jack is almost as tall as me."
GIRL:  "Batman, it is a HOOF JACK.  It's name isn't Jack.  Okay, I will call it Jack..."

BATMAN:  "Look at me and Tripplette.  I am much cuter!  Just ask me!"

TRIPPLETTE:  " your face!"

BATMAN:  ""Pbthpbthpbth....right back at ya babe."

RED:  "If Batman is bugging Tripplette, that means he is NOT bugging me.  I can take a nice nap in the sun beam."


Tripplette is no longer a skinny mini.  Yay!

BATMAN:  "I think I will nibble right here...and see how long it takes him to notice."

BATMAN:  "Okay, I think I will help the Girl and hold Wyoming so she can trim his hooves."

BATMAN:  "I better hold tighter!  He is trying to get away...see him trying to take off?  If it was not for me being a strong mustang, Wyoming would be headed to Wyoming!  Nicker Snort!!!"

 BATMAN:  "Whew, that is hard work for even me!  Thanks to my lead rope holding abilities, the Girl got Wyoming's hooves trimmed nice and purdy."

It was a little bit of a fiasco, but we got Wyoming and Red done.  I also did the fronts of Hershey since she was trying to 'help' me while I was working on the others.

Until later...Karen and Tripp who also got his done the day before.

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Cindy D. said...

That was as cute as cute can be.
You are so lucky to have helpers!