Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snowy weekend part II....

After the adventures we had on the highway and stuck in the snow in a remote area, the weekend was looking bright.  The sun was shining and it was just downright gorgeous out!  I still did not have the drive to dig out the trailer, so I did not ride this weekend.  Yep, it bugged me, but I will have plenty of other times to ride.  These pictures are from February 23rd and 24th.

Wyoming sticking his tongue out over having to do a self portrait.  

Batman has to be like Wyoming, so he decides to stick his tongue out during the self portrait!  Hmpf!

Chase giving his "You all are not behaving" look.

Joker was rolling in the snow...then he stopped just like this.  And he stayed there for several seconds without twitching.  At first I thought it was funny, then I wondered if he hurt himself....

....then he rolled over to get up.  Whew!

And he came over to show me what he did.  He was proud. :-)

When I went out to move hay bales, I saw this leaf that was about an inch in the snow.  I thought the pattern of the ice above it was very cool.  Art in nature...

Nakita the Snow Dog enjoying her time in the sun.

Nevada, Stormy and Tripp showing me how cold it is by blowing steam out of their nostrils.  

I love when snow blows in layers...

The snow on the plastic table on the front porch was 14 inches deep!

Wyoming and his frosty nose...

Wyoming and I...he is a neat dude!

Most of the areas I checked in the front yard were about 10 inches deep.  The back yard was deeper because it drifts back there.

Coco thinking her comfy chair is much better than going out to visit snow creatures.

The stand off....Chase not letting Red or Wyoming come by.  All he has to do is give the 'look' and they stop.  I will say if they get a good angle on Chase, they can back him up.

 WYOMING:  "Eyes must stay not make eye contact with the llama!"

Epona followed me when I took a walk.

Hershey, one of the skinny mini's that came to live with us.  She is sassy!

JOKER:  "Awwww man!  She is looking!  Stop it!"

JOKER:  "You didn't see Stormy kiss me, did you?  It was not what it looked like!  I swear!"

JOKER:  "Hey Girl, I don't think you believe me (if I can just get a hold of this extra piece of stuff I can pull her back to convince her).  It really was not what it seemed."

Shadow Dancing...

Misty snoozing in the sun dog house style...very rarely do you find her in here.  She must have been tired after the storms.

Thomas trying to find a path through the snow.  He is under the deck where it isn't so deep.

Tripp shaking the snow off after a good roll...

Tripp playing "Catch Me If You Can" which happens to be a game I don't like.  He was quite proud of himself and gave me some big fancy trotting with his tail up in the air, and a dash of snorting.  I swear he was tapping into his Arabian side.  He is a mustang so he could have anything in him...and so far it is all wonderful.  Even when he wants to be a turd.  :-)

I went to trim Wyoming's hooves then came back out and away Tripp went.  So I played lead mare and made him stay away from the group.   He did not look like his feelings were hurting one bit.  He kept watching me...almost laughing at me.  I love him!  :-)

Wyoming acted like he wanted to get out to run and play with the other group, so I let him out. They did run and play a while and I got some video.  He had fun, but when he was done he was done...he was ready to go back in.

Wyoming was pawing on the pond...I wondered if he was going back to his old mustang days on the range.

He is very inquisitive...he noses around everything.  I love that about him.

It was a real good weekend in spite of the cold and deep snow.  Sometimes having horses around me is just as good as going for a ride.  The old saying about a horse being good for the inside of a man (or woman) is right on the money.  There is a feeling I get when I am around them that is hard to describe.  Some people know what I am talking about, others think they know, and others wish they knew.  I am very lucky...

Until later...Karen and Tripp who is still laughing at the Girl for not being able to run faster!  ;-)

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