Sunday, November 2, 2008

Where does a 2000 lb heifer go???


Millie escaped from the smaller pen and we found her the next morning on the hillside. When I tried to shag her back up by the barn she headed down the hill and to the back of the place.

The fences are good that direction, so we knew she would be okay. I ended up taking 1/2 day off work - had time to burn before the end of the year anyways - and I hunted her down. She was hanging out at the fence talking to the other cattle she could not see. She has never been with cattle, but nature sure kicked in!

I had my 'heifer stick' and tried to move her back towards the house. I realized this is not a 1 person job! While I was back there I walked the fence line to make sure all was fine and she followed part of the way.

Here she is blending in with the fallen leaves.

Brian is out of town all weekend, so I would head to the back to visit with Millie a while, hoping that she would change her mind about being back there by herself. I got her to come back this direction a couple of times, and she came a little bit farther each time I tried.....I was hopeful!

This morning I headed out there again - the fog was beautiful! She was bawling like crazy....Millie is in love! I have named him Ferdinand.
Here he is bawling back at her.

I could hear Ferdinand bellering, and poor Millie was pacing the fence back and forth. Then I saw Ferdinand come thru the fog. Hmmmmm, it seems that Millie has 10 years of hormones saved up! ACK! She is not challenging the fence, but he only has an electric fence keeping him where he is at. I can't wait for Brian to get back to help me get her back here!
But then again this time change isn't going to help thru the week. Dark at 5 or 5:30....ICK!

In the meantime, Millie and I have visited quite a bit. She is very gentle, altho large and doesn't realize how big and strong she is. Here is my traditional self portrait....

I have not had cattle since I was a kid. And even then we lived in Southern Cal and only had enough room for a couple of bottle calves to raise for butcher. I don't remember them getting this big!

Yesterday when I was trying to get Millie to head back to the house, she turned towards me and I tried to 'turn' her. I pushed on her head and neck, and she pushed me into a tree. She was not mean about it, she just walks and doesn't stop, and when she looked at me, I was between her horns. Stupid move on my part....I am more careful now. In just two days I have learned a lot about a big honkin' cow! :-)

When I talked to Brian I was telling him how I was 'tap tap tapping' Millie to try and send her a different direction, and he tells me I need to 'WHAP WHAP WHAP' her like her Mom did to get her in the trailer, that it isn't going to hurt her. Right now I am improving - I am on 'TAP TAP TAP'. Ha ha!

I am also getting good advice from my friend Jill, who has had cattle for a long time. Thank you Jill! :-) Hugs to you!

Millie is going to be an adventure......

Until later...Karen and Tripp


Joan Fisher said...

I like Millie, she kinda has a hair do like a Llama. I don't think I have ever seen a heifer like her before. I'm not sure cows have a brain like a horse or not either. I know horses don't usually watch cars go by all day!:)

As to another comment made. Where do you get your energy?

Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

Karen, you are so funny. Millie is so cute, love the "do". Cows hides are a lot thicker and in my option their brain doesn't work anything like a horse. We have a herd of about 20. When ours get out, we have to use a bucket of feed and then they will follow us around like a bunch of puppies. But, if one breaks out of the herd, they all do. Definitely, is not a one person operation. Keep working on the WACK-you're getting there. I'm the same way with our really gentle cows, I hate to hit them real hard. Priscilla

jill w said...

I love the photos. They add so much to the Tale of November Romance. Maybe you will be lucky and Ferdinand will actually visit without charging anything! And he's polled! Millie has good taste.

Karen C. said...

Hee hee, so far Ferdinand has not paid a visit, which is probably a good thing. Don't want him knowing he can get out.

Millie is up at the house now and feed is her motivator...altho she still gazes across the valley listening to the sweet music of Ferdinand's voice...

I am still working on my wacking. I am better at it if I feel like there is a threat. Like the time Tripp and I were trail riding and he swung his head around to bit the horse beside me. His face was right by my knee, he was very ugly and showing teeth, and I popped him a good one. BUT...I felt horrible about it afterwards! :-( I have a lot to work on!