Sunday, February 1, 2009

Could the Family Jewels possibly be Cubic Zirconia?

First of all, I was trying to see if I could see the Family Jewels on the boys, and all I saw was that looks just like my other geldings. Now I am not saying that they could not be stallions and are going to drop late, I am just saying that I could not see anything at all that resembled testicles. I can't wait to get them gentle enough to rub them all over - I will be checking up close and personal!

Now, I got up early this morning and woke Brian up. He wanted to come out to visit the new guys with me for a while, then go back to bed. :-) He has not been back to bed yet....ha ha!

I wanted to start out with this picture. We had no idea if Jester would let me get on him or not...but he did. I layed over his back a couple of times then had Brian hold him while I got on. We did not push our luck and after sitting there a couple of minutes, I got off. :-)
We also trimmed donkey feet this morning...dang that is work!

Now on to the new guys! They both slept well and seemed happy to see us. Okay, not exactly happy...they were very eager - for food! :-)

I got a couple of pictures trying to show the height comparison of the two. I still say that Vegas is older than Wyoming (white socks). I think Wyoming will fill out quite a bit over the next couple of years. They are about 14 hands, maybe a little over.
You know how some people measure their kids on the walls at home? I have a wall with measurements in if I know where they are at on me, I have a close idea how tall they are.

I am trying to make myself call Vegas 'V', because he looks like a Vegas to me, and I don't want to personalize him too much. Okay, I do want to, but I am trying not to.

It took me less than a minute to get up to him and start petting his neck! It seems like someone has messed with him before.

Vegas chases a rooster - in fact both of them chased chickens that got too close. They were not mean about it - it was just something new and fun. :-)

He is very curious and comfortable with me rubbing his face. Ears - not so much fun. Legs - not so much fun. I did get to rub down his back and over his rump.

WYOMING IS A PINTO! I forgot to mention this yesterday. When they were in the viewing pen, Brian noticed a white splotch under his belly, and he has the 4 white feet and white around his lips too. His papers list him as a bay, so Walt said that he is a T.I.P. eligible horse. Yay! If you click on the picture it will blow up, and you can see the white patch. By the way, Wyoming doesn't look like a Wyoming to me, so I will keep calling him that. His new owner, whoever that may be, can name him. :-)

Wyoming is a little more cautious than Vegas, but he would take food from us.

What good would I be if I didn't add in a self portrait of Vegas and I?

I was able to lead Vegas around with his neck rope, so I thought to myself "Self, why not get the halter to see how he does?" So I did!
It only took a few minutes of coaxing before he let me touch him with it, then before I knew it, I had it on him and was leading him around. He doesn't like me on his right side, but no worries on the left.

I left the bridge and the landscape timbers in the pen to give them something else to pay attention to when I play with them. They are walking all over the bridge and don't have a problem with it. Now I just need to get some fake plants somewhere to put in there.

This shot is to get him standing level with me by him. I am 5'5" tall, and this is how big he is to me.

I have the round pen set up so all I have to do is close one of the panels, and I have the pen area, and the other horse will be penned under the canopy. Once you convince them it is okay to split up, it is a great set up for me.

I worked with Wyoming first, and he is not near as curious as Vegas. I did not get to touch him comfortably, but I am happy where we stopped. I did work him in circles and got him to stop and face me. The problem is he is a busy busy boy, and his attention does not stay on me - he gives me a few seconds then turns and heads the other direction. I also rubbed on him with the long lunge whip, and when he walked the pen, I walked beside him. I could get my hand within 4 - 5 inches of him and he was okay, but if I tried to get closer he would speed up. That is okay - we will take our time. He was a lot more insecure without Vegas beside him. I think he is going to be very athletic.

Vegas was next. He was full of himself and he had this great big long trot as he sailed around that pen. When he hopped over the landscape timbers (I have them up on the 1st rail of the panels) his legs went over them, and his back did not move! I don't know if it was nerves making him move like that, or if he is just going to be smooth. Time will tell. The only white on him is his star, and it is not a brilliant white is more like a smudge. Brian gave him an Apple Wafer earlier in the day and he took it! He made faces, but he liked it. I gave him one later and it did not take long for him to get pushy. I love giving treats, but he has the potential to be overbearing and I don't want to start that. So treats will be few and far between.

That is the update on the new guys. Ohhhhh, while I was working with Vegas, Tripp was at the fence watching me like I was cheating on him. I had to go make it up to him....anyways, I am very excited about both of them. Each one of them is going to be a challenge in a different way and I am looking forward to it.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Until later...Karen and Tripp


jill said...

What a great start! How good is Vegas! Does anybody else think that the more colorful a horse is the more challenging the brain is?
I do hope the BLM could keep track of who still has their Family's Jewels. It shouldn't be that hard, zirconia sparkles too. Maybe there is too much red tape or
maybe I thought of a name! Missing Jewels.

Karen C. said...

LOL! Jill, you are a genius! I love the name Missing Jewels...when I find an adopter, I will have to find a way to work that into the conversation. ;-)

Angela said...

Awesome name Jill.....And Karen, they are doing great! I was wondering if Tripp was going to be jealous!

Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

Hey Karen,
The new guys are looking great. Looks like you got a couple of mild mannered fellows. Wyoming reminds me of Taz. He has the same body shape. I bet he is going to grow quite a bit. Taz has grown a lot just since we brought him home.
It's nice to be living part of your dream and even nicer to have such a supportive, involved husband-you are a very lucky lady.
Best of luck with the new ones.

Jessi said...

Great job Karen! I think Wyoming is a gorgeous boy and so is Vegas!Keep up the great work and do not forget about Trip! HeHe :-)