Sunday, February 8, 2009

Girls Night Out and Mustang Club Meeting

Friday night was girls night out! There were 5 of us, and us party girls met up at one of the other gal's home and we spent the evening looking at horse hooves! :-) Yep, we are a wild and crazy bunch! I sure wish I would have gotten a picture of us to post. We had me, who is going to take a 6 day hoof care class in April because I want to be confident what I am doing with my barefoot trims, Denise who is also a barefoot person, and has been taking care of her 5 horses as close to the Pete Ramey way of trimming as possible and has been doing a fantastic job, Diane who started riding Endurance a few years ago and she brought some hoof boots for us to try on and look at, Lynda who is also interested in barefoot and trail rides her Foxtrotter, and Sharon, who has The Horse Farm and is one of those great instructors who can work with kids AND adults! Denise started by bringing out the youngest horse first and we worked up to the oldest - ages 7 to 22. We looked at the different hoof shapes and critiqued and asked a lot of questions. We are all learning and have something to contribute. We then went to the house and ate some munchy food, and watched a couple DVD's, visited, then headed home about midnight! It really was a great time! The four of them have known eachother for quite a while - I am the newcomer. I have a feeling I will have some new trail riding friends every once in a while.

Then I got up early Saturday morning to head to Topeka, KS to the Midwest Mustang and Burro Riding Club meeting. This is my first year to be part of this group and I had met a few of the group at the Women and Horse Expo in Sedalia, MO a while back. Angela and Jessi could not go (Jessi was sick...poor girl! We missed her!) so I headed out and picked up April on my way. It was a fun day! The meeting was fun, the people are great and the personalities of everyone are so different. This is a group that is very proud of their mustangs and burros, they do so much to help promote how great mustangs are and help out at the adoptions, and they also like to have fun. Everyone supports eachother too. If you have a group riding the parades, there is the 'ground crew' doing running back and forth for the riders, or carrying the banner, etc. I really hope to be able to do a few things with them this year. They also put on despooking clinics, and I really can't wait to take Tripp to a couple of these. It will be fun, and we need to be exposed to stuff other than trails. Plus, it will be in a safe area with experienced people.
Patti, I missed you! I hope all is well and we will get to meet soon!

The day did not end there! I got home and it was still daylight! Woo hoo! I knew I didn't have much daylight to work with, but I wanted to play with the new guys a little bit.

Vegas is learning to drop his head. That was a challenge at first - he did not want me touching the top of his head at all!

Since I did not have much daylight, I left both boys together and Wyoming is very curious what I could be doing to Vegas...

Wyoming can't stand it, so he noses my hand. He was okay until I moved closer, then he moved away. I did not mind because without much work, he is getting better.

Since the weather is so great - PRISCILLA AND KIRSTIN, NOTICE THE T-SHIRT IN THE MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY IN MID MISSOURI :-) - the ground is starting to thaw and mud is showing its ugly head. Oh well, it is all part of the circle of mother nature. We have had a few days of great weather and some of us are a little worried. We have a feeling that Mother Nature is going to whammy us soon.

That is all for now....

Karen and Tripp

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Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

You are so funny. When I saw the first picture, the first thing I noticed was that you were wearing a short sleeved shirt. I am loving the longer days too. Kirtin now has a little daylight when she gets home from basketball & now softball practice. I'm sure that Tripp enjoyed some one on one time with you. Is he like Taz, a little overly me, me, me-I'm your horse. We took Kirstin's other horse-Trigger to drill team practice Friday night and Taz couldn't understand why he wasn't being loaded on the trailer. He was running back & forth & neighing as if to say Hey, what about me-you're forgetting me?
The newbies look like they are adjusting nicely.