Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Relaxing Evening with the horses...

Daylight Savings is not too far away....and the days are getting longer. Yay! Working all day and trying to get home with enough daylight to get things done is a challenge. Monday night I helped unload lumber, so no time to play with the horses.
Tuesday evening I worked both of them separately.

Wyoming (4 socks) still would not let me touch him, and his attention was everywhere except on me. He was very dull when I would try to get him moving those feet, so I would have to throw more energy at him. My goal was for him to realize that I meant business, and when I stepped back I expected him to turn around and look at me with a "What the heck was that?" look on his face. IT WORKED! He is still distracted, but he comes back to me. I did that a couple of times and was happy. I think he was getting it so we stopped there.

Vegas is a power-house! Even tho I can walk up to him and put the halter on, he is still as tense as they come. He is also nervous when I move around too quickly - so what do I do? Move around too quickly! :-) When he trots around that pen, it looks like he gets closer to the ground, lifts those feet up and you can almost feel the earth move! Dang he looks good! I did put the halter and lead on him, and we worked on directions. He is much more sensitive than Wyoming is so far, and he really did good. I was very pleased! I also started rubbing him all over because I wanted to hunt for jewels. I rubbed his belly and he was not happy. He kicked forward to get the annoying creature off his belly. He missed me - I was watching and feeling just in case. I went back to the belly slowly until he settled down. Legs are still off limits.

After Tuesday evening this is what I learned about me - I have to learn to be patient again. I learned patience with Tripp, and I know I can do it again! :-) I am not impatient as in pushing them for results, it is more me thinking "I should be able to touch Wyoming by now....why can't I touch him?" I need to fall back into the 'go slow and steady' mode. I am not the only teacher around this place, right?

Tonite was great! We played - no separating them to work, I kept them together and moved them around the pen, I threw the Jolly Ball and the deflated balls to them, and of course I missed a photo op! Wyoming picked up the deflated ball and was flipping it around! They play alot during the day too. I have 3 different length whips leaning against the pen, and an old saddle pad that I leave hanging on the panels, and I find all of them thrown around. They really do work that pad over! It was a fun night!

Vegas was great about me petting him, and I worked on touching his poll. He does alright but I am very careful with him. There is this little thing in the back of my head that is telling me to really take my time with him, and don't assume that just because he let's me touch him that all is grand in that complex brain of his. Do you all ever picture things in your head? For some reason, I see a young boy riding this horse. I don't know why...I just do. Maybe because he is so stocky and tough...don't know. Because anybody would look good up on him.

Wyoming sniffed my hand a couple of times tonite! This is the best picture I could get without him wondering what I am doing and moving back a step or two.

Wyoming was curious about the turkey. Wyoming is like a little kid...curious about everything, and he even chases them and the chickens!

I did get him sniffing the deflated ball. Really wish I could have gotten the picture of him hauling it around!

After I was done with them I headed out to visit with all of our others.
Life is good!

By the way, my old Arab mare was flirting tonite...and Wyoming was talking back and doing some lip curling. I am going to have to do some rearranging...I don't want any attitude from the boys, and I don't want any accidents with her. She is healthy and bounces around like a young horse, but I worry about her, even tho it would be quite a mix! Can't go wrong with an Arab and a mustang! :-) But there are no babies in my future unless it is a rescue situation. I am concentrating on finding homes for the ones that are already here.

Hope everyone had a great day, and has a great night!

Until later....Karen and Tripp


Melissa said...

Sounds like things are going good! It is fun to read about your progress, keep up the good work!

Karen C. said...

Thank you Melissa! I really am having fun. I think this is the best part time job I have ever had - even if it is cold out! :-)

Angela said...


Keep bouncing around like a lunatic till they no longer look at you like you are crazed......Don't be quiet in your movements or voice...they'll get used to it....And listen to your gut instinct! You have it for a very good reason, I'm sure! See ya Saturday!

jessi said...

hey karen ! Can not wait till tommorrow!