Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jewels Almighty!!!! And a Walk with Tripp...

I don't have any pictures to follow this one...just a story.

First of all, Wyoming is a stallion. :-) The Missing Jewels have been was a very warm evening and he was showing me what he had. Vegas has a very fuzzy winter coat so I still could not see anything on him - but I have a feeling he is in tact too. So Jill, you were right about the weather being a factor whether they are going to show or not. I really was hoping that they had already been gelded and the paperwork was not updated. :-)

I decided to spend the evening with Tripp, so I saddled him up and we went to the round pen. We did a lot of ground work, then rode for a while working on changing directions, etc. He was not as soft as he was last year - probably because we are not working every day. Okay, there is no 'probably' about it...after we were done in the round pen, we took a walk around the big pond and thru the woods, and we listened to the coyotes sing. It was one of those peaceful walks with one of my best friends. :-)

That is all for now.

Until later...Karen and Tripp

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