Thursday, March 19, 2009

Got Milk???

He should be in commercials! GOT MILK?

Meet Brian's new pet. He is a 2 yr old male llama. He is black, except for the milk lips. :-) He does not have a name yet...we will see what comes to us as we get to know him. I am secretly calling him just came to me. Hee hee!

When we got him home, Tandee, my older Arab mare was all excited! She chased him around, then after a couple of minutes, lost interest. I did not get still shots of that - just video. Will have to make time to play with it to post. I was home sick today and am doing good to get this done.

The llama, aka Bruce, LOVES to chase the donks! He seems to get the most joy out of chasing Jester.

Here is a full body shot.

Brian hand feeding Bruce. He is sort of tame...but we need to halter train him. He will be great for the horses too!

Speaking of the horses....they are very curious about him. His attention was short lived. He has lived with horses and cattle so they are nothing special to him.

That is it tonite....hope everyone is doing well!

Until later...Karen and Tripp, who has his own llama...I mean Brian has his own llama! ;-)


Anonymous said...

He is Beautiful !
We had our Llama 14 Yrs he was 24 yrs old when he passed.
They are alot of fun, i miss mine alot his name was Buster.
They love playing in the hose when its hot and mine never liked being approached from the front we had to walk up to his back side and scratched the top of his back/butt area right in front of his tail and he would go into a trance an spread his back legs out and i would throw a lead rope around his neck(caught ya)to put his Llama halter on,Once he gets use to You catching him with the leadrope You can just use your arm to snag his neck an he wont move. Buster learned commands real fast like Ho, stand, side etc. They love to be brushed he always walked real good on lead BUT You have to walk next to them not in front of them in the beginning , they bend those front legs jump an lunge forward an will knock You right down they call it the Llama kidney punch (on America's funny home videos alot) , mine never spit in all the Years we had him he threatened too when he got mad but never did he never was great about having his feet trimmed he would lay down but that worked too!
We bought him a mini horse size fly mask he thought he was cool!
Buster was 10 years old when we got him he had been badly abused an was very thin, Your Guy is only 2 an looks to be very well taken care of so he should come around pretty quick !
You will have alot of fun with him , what does Millie think of her new Brother ? Millie cracks Me up she is so CUTE !
Jeannette (from the Mustang group)

Karen C. said...

Hi Jeanette, thanks for the tips! Brian has named him Chase, since he chases the other critters.
Millie sniffs around on Chase, but she is still on the other side of the fence so they have not had time to bond. :-) Millie plays with a black bucket, and I am hoping to get her on video! It is so funny! Who knew cows could have fun?

That Llama kidney punch you described - he did that to the mini donk we are babysitting. Summer, the mini, is also quite sassy and was not going to get off the dirt pile. Well, Chase had other thoughts about it...Chase won! Ha ha! I will watch him...sure don't want any Llama/Human crashes!
Wow...24 yrs old. Thank goodness you all came around to give Buster a great home! Maybe you will get to save another one.

See ya!

Karen and Tripp