Sunday, March 29, 2009

The power of lightning!

There are no pictures to go with this...

A couple of days after Chris came out to help me with Wyoming, we got HUGE storms! I came home Tuesday from work to pick up Bob for his trip to the vet, and the power was out. Our power company is usually right on it, so I did not call them. I hung out with Bob for a while to say good-bye, then left for town.

Brian met me in town and when we got home about 7:00 pm, the power was still out. We called and they did not know anything about it. Come to find out they really did know, but they didn't know they knew. Yep, follow that one! Ha ha! Earlier in the day someone heard a loud bang and some sizzling....that can't be good! So the power company came out and fixed that issue. They did not know anybody else had problems until we called, so they showed up that evening and replaced the transformer at the edge of the yard.

The next morning we realized that the well was not working (no shower), the furnace was not working (due for some cooler weather), and the underground dog fence power box in the house was not working (dogs have to be penned up until we get another box).

Water was the first priority - have you all ever had a pump pulled from a well? ACK! It was not cheap, but it had been in since 1991 so it outlived its average life expectancy. We decided to wait on the furnace after the big expense of the well. We were only due for a couple cooler days, then it would warm up again. We will just snuggle! :-) As far as we were concerned, it was not an emergency to have it looked at just yet.
We got a new and improved dog fence kit ordered (should be here tomorrow).

Oh yeah, the fuse box for the well pump had both fuses blown and the door to the box was blown off of the box itself! As in it was across the yard, and the little bright orange tops to the fuses were also across the yard! Dang!

So, yes, it was inconvenient, but even a bigger YES that it could have been a whole lot worse, and thankfully it wasn't! Whew!

Good news was Brian talked to the husband of a friend (thanks Angela and Mike!) and Mike gave Brian some ideas in case the furnace was having big time issues. While they were talking they mentioned the thermostat and I got to thinking that we put a digital on it last year - why not try putting the old one back on?
Brian popped the old one back in and sure enough, the blower came on. We got the house warmed up and we thought all was well. A while ago I realized I never heard the blower shut off, and it was blowing cool air. I am not going to stress about least the blower came on. Will figure it out later.

Lightning is a pretty powerful and amazing thing! Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could find a way to channel that energy and save it?

This weekend was our Mustang Adoption - Missouri only has one again this a lot more rain and the mud was out of control...

More on that in the next post.....

Until later, Karen and Tripp

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