Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sometimes the right thing hurts...

When I adopted my cat, Bob, he was listed as a 4 or 5 yr old. When we crossed over to 2009, that put him at age 19 or 20. Bob has been showing his age the past couple of years, and the weekend before last he quit eating. I had to make that horrible decision to do what was right. If he continued to eat, I would have let nature take it's course because other than that, he was fine. So I made a trip to the vet....Bob will be missed.

Bob was also a victim of my "Self Portrait-itis" - ha ha!

Bob loved dogs! He made it very clear several years ago that no other cats were allowed in this house, but I could have dogs. I babysat a cat for a friend of mine, and Oreo was here for 3 months. Oh my gosh...Bob let me know that this was not acceptable! For a solid 3 weeks after Oreo finally went home, Bob gave me the cold shoulder. October 2008 we adopted two cats because Bob lost his luster as a mouser. Bob seemed to perk up a bit watching the other cats run and play. Reminded me of visits to the nursing home when elderly people seem to brighten when younger visitors show up.

Here is Bob and Brado. Brado was adopted at age 13 and passed on at age 15.

I miss Bob, but it was time...he let me know.

Until later...Karen and Tripp

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Tracey said...

Oh, golly, Karen...I'm so sorry.

I've got a puppy (no, kitty, but he thinks he's a puppy) here named Bob and it'd be very hard to lose him.

Big hugs to you!