Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wyoming gets a visitor.....from Aunty Chris!!!!



One of the first people we met at a mustang adoption a few years ago was Chris, and her husband Phil. Anybody who knows them knows that they LOVE the mustangs! They have been working with mustangs for several years and work closely with the BLM. They are also mentors if anybody should need help.

Chris is the one who worked with Judy and her mustang Bob for the 2008 Mustang Makeover, that they unfortunately did not get to attend. ( - July, August and Sept archives) Chris offered to come out and help me work on touching Wyoming so HOPEFULLY we can get him to the only adoption we are having in our State this year. She knew I had been out of town a while, so was behind on gentling. I did not think of getting pictures early on....darn it!

When she showed up, she just watched me a while to see what I was doing with him. I had a lariat rope around his neck, and he was doing very well at facing up to me, etc., but I could not get any further than his nose as far as touching.
Before Friday evening, I could walk by him and touch him all over with the lunge whip, but he has a lot of energy and would go and go. I finally got him to stop and look at me when I asked, but it did not last long. He would get distracted and move on.
Friday evening I looped a rope around his neck and worked on him facing up with me, etc. Angela said something one day that is right on the money - they become experts at avoidance. And even tho Wyoming is afraid to be touched, he is not afraid of any of us, if that makes sense. Just look the other direction, sniff the mystery manure and make like he doesn't know it is his, and make like he doesn't see the two-legged's.

Chris came in and started working him - I mean REALLY working him! Wyoming is easily distracted, so he soon realized that the more distracted he was in between working, the more he had to work! After a little bit of that he finally stopped and looked at her with a look of "WHO IS THIS MASKED WOMAN?" After 2 1/2 hrs, which 1/2 was of visiting and me messing with him, and the other 2 hrs was of her messing with him and petting on him, he was doing very good!

Nothing like a good old fashioned forehead rub.

Hmmmm, maybe she isn't that bad after all.

Just a really neat shot...

Chris resting her cheek on Wyoming's was awesome.


After a good sweaty work out, a nice chest scratching is in order.



Vegas....he thought he was in the clear, but nope, he wasn't. Okay, I messed up and tried putting my big heavy saddle on him because that little one I had on him a couple of days ago did not fit. I wanted to see how mine fit. Well, he was not ready, so when it hit the ground with a big THUD! and the pad went with it, he was a little on the nervous side. I will say this. This guy tried real hard not to run me over when the saddle fell off. He tries so hard to please, and he does listen to me. He is just afraid and unsure of himself. I finally had to quit the big saddle because it is hard work, so we brought the lighter saddle back out. This was his first time with this pad too. Not that it mattered...he is still reactive to everything.

Chris worked with him a while, and suggested throwing anything at him that I can think of, every single day until he gets bored with it. And not to even THINK about getting on him until he gets to that point. Oh is hard not to THINK about it! Ha ha!

This is the first time Vegas has had two of us in the pen before. So much to think about! The horse eating pad, the new lady that chased Wyoming, and the person I can usually count on...why is she doing this to me? Oh, she is doing this so I can become a confident riding horse and best friend - FOR MY NEW ADOPTER! YES! Vegas has someone who wants to adopt him. We just need to do the paperwork and get approved first, then I will tell more! :-)

This saddle is not as scary as that other one that kept jumping off my back! Whew!

We had a lot of fun, and I am so glad that Chris came out. You know how we learn things, but forget them? I did that...when I first brought Tripp home, I found myself wanting to baby him, and the thought of working him to the point of sweating was not a thought in my head. Not because I am afraid of hard work, just because I didn't want him to be afraid of anything so I did everything slow and soft.
Well, they are going to be afraid, and I realized that I fell back into being too soft. I can still work slow, which is a better pace for me, and I can still be soft, but I need to be more assertive. I have certain expectations for people - I also need to have expectations for my horses.

I got sick the end of last week, and I over did it a bit yesterday, but had so much fun! Today I did not get out there as much as I wanted. I still don't feel good, and I need to rest. Oh gosh, that brings me to another topic! I can't sleep. Then today when I should have been napping, I could not shut my brain off...had to go out and play with the horses. So I did. Then I came back in. Brian headed out and I stayed inside...for a while. I just could not handle it! I had to go out and find out what was going on...I didn't want to miss anything! So that is why I can't rest! I am nosey and want to know what is happening everywhere else.

That is it for now.
Until later....Karen and Tripp

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