Sunday, May 10, 2009

Batman was Constipated....(he is okay now)

This morning we headed out to check on Batman, and he was trying to poop without any luck. He would move around and try in another place, then he layed down and started rolling. I knew he had a bad belly ache, and it was breaking my heart! As recommended, we headed to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of enema's (I will keep an extra around here just in case...). I have never had any experience with them other than knowing what their job is. Brian has worked in the medical field for quite a while so was much more familiar with them than I was - so I had him show me what to do. I was so afraid of hurting Batman.

We got the job done and he started pooping, but he still was not feeling well. I pulled a chair out to the barn and stayed out there the whole day. He was shaking a lot - I figured it was the damp ground, so I layed him on a big cushy cooler/blanket and covered him up. He slept for such a long time! I did have to give him one more application, and it seemed to help. When Brian came back out to check on us, that was the turning point. Batman had just woke up and I was checking to make sure things were working. Then all of a sudden he RAN and BUCKED! Woo hoo!!! I WAS SO HAPPY!!! I had been crying all morning knowing I had to wait and let the stuff work, but not liking the fact there really was not anything I could do to help that belly ache of his. I dread heading to work tomorrow...I just want to make sure he is going to be okay. Which he is just for my own well being. :-)

Here is Batman snoozing...

After Batman woke up and was feeling good, we took a walk outside. Ajax was very curious about the new addition...

Tandee got a little carried away and wanted to get close to the baby. She is so much bigger and full of energy I was scared she was going to get too close and hurt him. She loves babies, but this was his first time outside and I did not want to take any chances. We took Mom and babe back inside the barn, and Tandee had to watch them from the doorway...she will meet them closer up later. :-)

Whew, what a trip outside to the big world! Gotta get some groceries!

Some of you might remember Ace. A friend saw him go thru an auction as a scrawny little thing, and nobody bid on him except you know who (the one who buys all the unwanted horses) she let me know about him and thanks to her and I, and a buyer who wanted to help find a horse a home, we saved a little mustang from a very uncertain future. Ace is growing up! He has put on a lot of weight, he is shedding off, and he has the biggest strongest legs! I think he is catching up to his body growth spurts. He will be 3 this year, just got gelded, and he still thinks he is 'all that!'

We just got done with a hoof trim...he still has funky hooves. It will take a while for the weird stuff to grow out while the new hoof comes in.

Brian took Ace for a walk around the barn lot...

It was a very eventful and emotional day. I spent all day with Batman and Robin doing what I could, then that evening got two of the horses hooves trimmed. Sometimes things that were planned have to go on the back burner for things that need attention now. It is all good...

Hope everyone is doing well!

Until later...Karen and Uncle Tripp

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Angela said...

Awww.....SO CUTE...Glad little Batman is ok now....Enema's are no fun! When Jessi sees him she is going to BEG me to come see him; watch out! Ace is sure blooming; he is turning out so nicely underneath that skinny frame and matted hair you found at the auction!