Monday, May 25, 2009

Wy walked with a rider...

My goal this weekend was to get on Wy - goal accomplished.
My other goal was to have Wy walk around with me on him - goal accomplished! Woo hoo!

Before I got started Wy headed over the fence where Batman and Brian were.

The wind was blowing and Wy was a little full of himself. I let Tiger out with the others so he was out of the way, and Wy did not like being left behind. After a little round pen work I got on. Wy did not want to move. When I clucked for movement I know he was trying to figure out what I wanted, but he just was not totally understanding. I asked Brian to come in the pen and walk around in front of him - it worked for Tripp, and I thought it might work for Wy. Brian had to lead him around a bit, Wy got excited, Brian let go, I just held on because Wy has never made a move to buck, and we just trotted around the pen until he decided to stop again. Wy was very tense, so Brian came back and this time led us around the pen without as many nerves. Then Wy just followed him. He has a very smooth walk! Hee hee!

He was sort of getting the hang of turning...

And he was sort of getting the hang of walking....

It was good! I thought we had a great session and we ended on a good note. After the ride I did a little ground work, then brushed and massaged on him before I took him out to the grass.

Little Batman loves to hang out by the big saddle. He says he has seen a mustang wear it on his back, and he wants to be a mustang too! Mustangs are cool! :-)

After I was done with Wy, I headed out to visit Batman. I just sat out there and we talked and played a while. He is a very social little guy. OH! He is getting his two front teeth on the top. They are so cute!

It was a great day! Last night we had rain for several hours and it is very slick out there. I won't be getting on Wy today because he is still learning to walk with the extra weight on him, and I am afraid of him getting excited and both of us going down. The good thing about the rain is we got our garden planted last night, so it got a nice soaking. :-)

Until later....Karen and Tripp


mkyamse said...

I love the pic of you and Batman. Good job with Wy too.

Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

Way cool. Great job with Wy. Batman is soooo cute. I want a mini baby too.