Friday, May 1, 2009

What is wrong with this picture???

I had not intended to go out and do anything other than hang out and love on them a while. BUT......I just could not help myself. It was pretty out, the ground was dry, so I started brushing and playing with both boys.

I went to grab my bucket to make me taller, and was leaning over Tiger, then I hopped up there like a sack of taters again. Notice - no halter. But that is not what is wrong with this picture.

I get Brian's attention and say "Hey baby, check this out!" So I hopped up there again. He says "Well, that is good, but what is missing?" ACK! He caught me doing something stupid!
I said:
1. No helmet? He says yep, but that isn't all.
2. No halter or lead? He says, no, not so worried about that.
3. I forget what #3 was...but there was something!
4. I don't have boots on (note the pink knock-off Crocs)? He says "Yep, you don't have boots or jeans on, but you are still doing good!" (he still kept it positive but at the same time told me not to do that any more because it isn't safe)

Sometimes I just get a little ahead of myself. My mind is going one direction, and the next thing I know I have moved on to something else without realizing it!

So, I have to admit to the world that he is right! I should have taken the time to change clothes to make the situation a little safer!

Now, Tiger did great! Once he took a couple of steps with me and he didn't jump. The other time he walked 5 or 6 steps, noticed I was still there, freaked out a little and I slid off. I then got him back to the bucket and hopped up again before he could change his mind about all of this.

I also was leaning on Wy, but did not put all my weight on him - he was gelded the day before and in my mind he was sore. :-)

Until later....Karen and Tripp

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